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About Sixfab

Established in 2016, Sixfab, Inc. is a technology startup based in San Jose, California, with operations in Europe. The company focuses on providing global cellular connectivity for Raspberry Pi-based device fleets through:

  • A cellular modem
  • SIM connectivity
  • Intelligent network software

Its platform supports LTE, LTE-M and 5G technologies with key features for fleet IoT owners, such as:

  • A remote terminal
  • Remote network management
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Update management

Sixfab also offers custom product design for more complex customer requirements.

Our Partnership

Sixfab works with us as an integrator. It enables cellular communications with fast modem setup and appropriate hardware. The company provides customers with modem setup support and project help. Sixfab supports our products in the E.U., U.K., North America and Oceania.


Key Areas of Application

Home Automation Controller Predictive Maintenance Computer Vision
Mobile Hot Spot Asset Tracking Edge AI and ML
Industrial IoT Connected Healthcare Digital Signage
Smart Mobility Smart Cities Smart Agriculture


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Partner Showcase

A small box with two antennas on top designed by Sixfab.

Raspberry Pi 5G Development Kit

This Kit Has Everything for a Low-Cost Way to Experiment with 5G

The Raspberry Pi 5G Development Kit is for M.2-package 5G modems. You can develop and test your ideas to prepare for 5G device and network commercialization. This kit enables data throughput of up to 5.0 Gbps downlink and 1.0 Gbps uplink.

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This is a small device that is attached to a piece of paper.

Raspberry Pi 4G/LTE Cellular Modem Kit

This LTE Modem Kit is the Easiest Way to Get a Mobile LTE Connection to Raspberry Pi-Based IoT Projects

The Cellular Modem Kit for Raspberry Pi enables secure roaming for mobile data connections. When using the kit with Sixfab CORE, no coding is needed. It provides worldwide connectivity with ease. You can use the kit to set up a Raspberry Pi as a mobile web server or gain internet access in remote locations.

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A small raspberry pi with a Sixfab micro sd card attached to it.

Raspberry Pi Cellular IoT Kit (LTE-M)

This Kit Establishes an Easy Connection with the LTE-M and GSM Networks around the Globe

The Raspberry Pi Cellular IoT Kit (LTE-M) is ideal for applications that require low bandwidth (e.g., telemetry or sensor monitoring). It includes a Sixfab SIM card and supports Sixfab CORE.

LTE-M offers extended coverage and capacity. Compared to mid-band LTE, LTE-M’s signal coverage is four times better indoors and reaches two times as far from cellular towers.

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Orlando Pinto

CTO, Citysense Co.

“At Citysense, we have been using the Sixfab products for two years. We have installed more than 250 IoT devices in Santiago (Chile) and Monterrey (Mexico). We use Sixfab technology for LTE connection and remote control of our devices.

Sixfab’s commercial and technical support is very efficient. Together, we have customized the product for our requirements with very high performance in our Chilean and Mexican IoT networks. We are very happy with Sixfab.”

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