Cellular LPWA and Mobile IoT Modules

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What is Mobile IoT?

Mobile IoT (also called Cellular LPWA or c-LPWA) networks were designed as a response to the growing need for long-range connectivity that doesn’t come with unwieldy energy or budget expenditures.

Unlike other existing cellular solutions, Mobile IoT technology is engineered to support devices that only require a limited amount of bandwidth to function and aren’t communicating constant streams of information. For IoT projects whose needs fit these criteria, like connected sensors and meters, Mobile IoT’s focus translates to a longer effective lifetime for battery-powered devices, and relatively low costs for powering, connecting, and maintaining devices—making mass deployment and management possible.

Comprised of two mobile data standards, Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) and LTE-M (also called Cat-M), Mobile IoT technology allows businesses to affordably connect and control devices on a larger scale, giving more industries access to the insight and automation offered by custom IoT applications.

Impending widespread applications include:

  • Smart metering for utilities such as electricity, gas and water
  • Wearable health and fitness technology
  • Industrial connectivity (Industrial IoT)
  • Connected city streetlights and parking meters
  • Smart homes and buildings including security alarm and surveillance
  • Asset tracking, including livestock and cold-chain managementSmart waste management
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Meet Our Portfolio of Low Power NB-IoT and LTE-M Modules

Dual Mode Module Rel 14 with 2G Fallback and Optional Embedded GNSS

Dual Mode Module with 2G Fallback and Optional Embedded GNSS

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Why Your Choice of Cellular LPWA Provider Matters

While many other IoT providers focus either on device management, connectivity management or application enablement capabilities, with Telit, all of this functionality can be combined into turn-key solutions or custom developed to fit hyper-specific business needs.

Telit has partnered with hundreds of businesses to develop LPWA solutions that help them anticipate impending developments in connectivity needs and drive pioneering and profitable change in their industries.

Telit has the most broadly certified portfolio of Mobile IoT modules in tightly regulated markets like North America and APAC.

Are you ready for the future of IoT? Explore LPWA technology and schedule a consultation with Telit to find out how we can take your business into the future