Enabling IoT Remote Crop and Livestock Monitoring

Smart farming solutions enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) empowers farmers to optimize crop yields and livestock health.

Optimize Crop Yields with Data-Driven Insights


Harvest Timing Analytics

Gather data on soil quality, moisture levels and weather conditions to plan optimal times for sowing and harvesting.


Avoid Crop Damage

Use weather forecasts to boost productivity and take preventative measures that decrease the chances of crop damage.


Predictive Pest Control

Monitor environmental parameters and plant growth to predict pest behavior and address pest issues before they impact crops.


Irrigation Management

Analyze and manage crop irrigation requirements for more sustainable water usage and reduce water waste.

Monitor Livestock Health with IoT-Enabled Management Apps

deviceWISE® IIoT Platform

Hands holding a tablet that's projecting holographic data graphs. Image is overlaid with other graphs, including bell curves and lines. The LwM2M protocol enables many benefits for IoT data management.

deviceWISE, powered by Telit Cinterion, lets you connect your machines and enterprise software without writing custom code. This platform leverages the power of a logic engine and hundreds of native machine protocols and drivers. Once implemented, you can get near real-time bidirectional data and analysis from any machine, sensor or device. Discover how deviceWISE can help you scale and future-proof your IIoT solution.

Explore deviceWISE Explore deviceWISE

Practice Smart Farming While Cutting Operational Costs

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