How IoT Enables Wearable Health Care Technology

Wearables are one of the most impactful health care applications. These devices are Internet of Things (IoT) medical monitors that patients can wear.

What Are Wearable Medical Devices?

A person wearing a smart watch with a heart rate monitor.

Remote Health Monitoring

Health care wearables enable remote vital sign and health statistic monitoring. Wearable health care devices empower providers to stay connected to patients in real time. Patients gain better visibility into their health, resulting in improved treatment outcomes. Medical wearables enable providers to offer better care and improve efficiency and lower operational costs.

A person's wrist with a smart watch, an IoT device for health care.

Medical Wearables Benefits

IoT-enabled medical wearable devices provide individuals the information needed to achieve better health outcomes. Health care wearables improve visibility into relevant aspects of an individual’s health status. Benefits include:

  • Real-time health monitoring
  • Alerts and alarms to monitor vulnerable patients’ health status
  • Patient-physician information sharing
  • Social media sharing

Medical Wearable Technology Is Driving Health Care’s Evolution

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