Enable Smart Irrigation Management Solutions with IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) makes it easier for farmers to monitor and control water resources to meet demand and cut waste and operational costs.

Make Smarter Irrigation Decisions


Control Water Resources

Farming uses more water resources than any other industry or activity. Smart irrigation systems help farmers conserve more water over time and empowers them to:

  • Collect real-time water usage data with remote sensing technologies for smarter irrigation decisions
  • Trigger actions based on sensor data to switch water on and off
  • Use data-driven insights to prevent water misuse and underutilization
  • Detect pipeline leaks and faults to address issues and reduce water waste

Improve Crop Yields

Smart irrigation helps growers improve the efficiency and consistency of their yield. By enabling smarter water management, farmers can:

  • Leverage smart sensors to monitor changing environmental conditions (e.g., temperature and rainfall)
  • Measure and monitor soil moisture levels in soil remotely
  • Trigger sprinkler systems to address low soil moisture levels to prevent crop damage or loss
  • Capture data to indicate trends and make forecasts based on various conditions

Telit deviceWISE Platform

The LwM2M protocol enables many benefits for IoT data management.

deviceWISE lets you connect your machines and enterprise software without writing custom code. This platform leverages the power of a logic engine and hundreds of native machine protocols and drivers. Once implemented, you can get near real-time bidirectional data and analysis from any machine, sensor or device. Discover how deviceWISE can help you scale and future-proof your IIoT solution.

Explore Telit deviceWISE Explore Telit deviceWISE

Boost Crop Yields and Reduce Water Waste

Partner with Telit to get the tools you need to build effective, IoT-enabled irrigation management solutions.