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Ynnova: Empowering Precision Agriculture’s Digital Shift

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The cost of a new combine harvester can easily run well into six figures. That’s just one example of the high overhead costs of farms and other agricultural businesses.

Agricultural businesses must maximize the productivity and uptime of all field equipment to be profitable. This optimization is critical during peak times, such as planting and harvest. Achieving that goal requires real-time and historical data about the equipment, including:

  • Location
  • Status
  • Operational health
  • Automatic alerts when there are problems

For example, real-time data enables businesses to catch problems (e.g., low oil pressure or high engine temperature) before they escalate into:

  • Extensive damage
  • Expensive repairs
  • Lengthy downtime

Historical data shows which models have the highest or lowest downtime. This data gives companies insights to make informed purchasing and leasing decisions when replacing that equipment. Instant access to equipment location and status ensures that nothing is idle when it could be used in a productive location.

Harvesting Data for Real-Time Insights in Precision Agriculture

Ynnova saw these needs and created an Internet of Things (IoT) hardware, mobile app, cloud-based software and connectivity service suite. Its solutions enable data from agricultural equipment to be collected and analyzed.

Ynnova sells its products to agricultural OEMs. These OEMs use them to create value-added services that customers can use to manage and optimize their fleets.

One success story is Arag, which manufactures products for precision agriculture applications such as crop spraying.

“Our business has grown following the integration of the Ynnova solution. IOTBOX has allowed us to expand our offer by equipping the products with connectivity and helping to make them compliant with the Agriculture 4.0 paradigm.” 

— Victor Gottardi, CEO, Arag

IOTBOX is a key component of Ynnova’s portfolio. It’s a ruggedized module that OEMs install in agricultural equipment to collect data (e.g., location and drivetrain component status). IOTBOX then uploads that data over 4G LTE or Wi-Fi to Ynnova’s YConnect platform in the cloud.

Customers can use YConnect to configure automated alerts. One such alert is geofencing, which protects against theft and lets customers know when a drivetrain component exceeds recommended temperature parameters.

“IOTBOX is the electronic control unit that connects agricultural machines to the cloud. Final customers can be part of the agricultural digitalization process and take advantage of Ynnova’s precision farming solutions.” 

— Lorenzo Melato, CEO, Ynnova 

Unlike competing products, IOTBOX also includes an integrated SIM. This frees OEMs from the time and expense of working with multiple SIM suppliers. It ensures their customers have mobile network connectivity everywhere their agricultural equipment is used. An integrated SIM also frees OEM customers from using smartphones to connect IOTBOX to the cloud.

The Telit Cinterion Advantage for IoT Precision Agriculture Solutions

A combine harvester in a field harvesting ripe wheat.

When it began developing IOTBOX, Ynnova focused on finding an IoT technology partner to provide an end-to-end solution, including:

  • Automotive-grade modules
  • SIMs
  • The ability to support 4G and Wi-Fi worldwide

Ynnova needed a partner with a lab to assess its modules, antennas and other components. They needed engineering guidance for optimization as well. Such a partner would enable Ynnova to get to market faster and cost less than sourcing everything from multiple vendors.

To provide IOTBOX with LTE connectivity, Ynnova selected our cellular LTE modules. Our cellular LTE module portfolio supports satellite navigation and is globally certified by mobile operators. These modules are a natural fit for Ynnova’s plan to expand beyond its initial target market of Europe.

“This solution was meant to make IOTBOX compliant to be distributed worldwide. We are evaluating our system in Brazil, Argentina, North America, South Africa and Australia.”

— Lorenzo Melato, CEO, Ynnova 
Data protected with blue force field like shield around a SIM card.

Ynnova also selected our worldwide connectivity services, SIMs and management tools. Our connectivity solutions enable an intuitive dashboard for managing and monitoring all devices and SIMs. Key capabilities include:

  • Activating and deactivating devices
  • Analyzing connection quality
  • Monitoring data usage

Finally, to provide IOTBOX with Wi-Fi, Ynnova chose our ultracompact combination Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® wireless technology modules. This module portfolio supports:

  • 802.11 a, b, g, n and ac
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 technology

Designed for rapid integration with our cellular LTE modules, our Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology modules have an industrial-grade temperature range (-40° C to +85° C). This ensures reliability during extreme weather conditions.

“We recognized Telit Cinterion as a trustworthy partner. Its sales team proved to be competent and provided highly professional technical support. Telit Cinterion’s products met our needs for connectivity, radio modules and management. Moreover, Telit Cinterion supported Ynnova during the design process by testing the IOTBOX hardware samples in its laboratory and giving us precious feedback.”

— Lorenzo Melato, CEO, Ynnova 

The result is a solution that’s proven itself in one of the most demanding environments: a war.

“Our greatest result was achieved in Ukraine. We worked with Telit Cinterion’s team to restore IOTBOX connectivity after it had been lost because of political and technological reasons.”

— Lorenzo Melato, CEO, Ynnova 
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