Smart Surveillance and Security: SIM Solutions for Security Cameras

June 29, 2022

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Remote security and video surveillance have become necessary for public and commercial organizations worldwide. Cellular connectivity is essential for effective remote surveillance operations. It may not always be feasible to connect every security camera to a landline or, with the ubiquity of LTE Category (Cat) 1 through 5G, desirable. When developing a sustainable remote IoT surveillance and security solution, it’s vital to select IoT connectivity solutions (i.e., SIM form factors and data plans) that fit these specific deployments.  

Let’s discuss what you should look for when choosing connectivity solutions for smart security and video surveillance. 

Security Camera SIMs Built for IoT and 4G LTE

When it comes to remote surveillance cameras, choose a connectivity solution that supports 4G LTE technology at the least. Security cameras require high uplink throughput that varies according to the camera’s resolution and frame rate. With this in mind, consider form factors like plug-in, embedded SIM (eSIM) or integrated SIM (iSIM).  

As security cameras may be mission-critical technology for your enterprise, you’ll need a more serviceable solution. Leveraging a multi-IMSI solution will ensure you have multiple mobile network operators (MNOs) to switch between in case of outages or other signal or coverage issues.  

Security cameras are often in rugged environments exposed to the elements. If using a physical SIM, consider making industrial-grade specifications part of your requirements to ensure your products can operate reliably under extreme conditions. 

Smart Security System Data Plans Save Money

In addition to IoT SIM and connectivity technology solutions, you must choose a data plan designed for IoT security camera deployments. Traditional data plans are strict and offer minimum flexibility. Data plans built for IoT are flexible and reduce the risk of exposing your business to financial crises that can arise from bill shock.  

Start with a broadband data plan for high data usage (50 MB to 3 GB) tailored to provide volume on the uplink rather than the downlink. Data plans like this are well-suited for devices that have high uplink data consumption rates like smart surveillance cameras.  

Work with your provider on the data traffic pattern details across application types, regions and time for your devices to craft an exacting plan. For roaming security camera solutions (e.g., video telematics cameras), verify that your provider has specified 4G LTE roaming agreements across travel regions. It will be time and effort well-rewarded over your deployment’s lifetime, even if not initially. 

Telit’s IoT data plans are tailored for vast markets and application types and designed to meet each organization’s needs. We operate pay-if-use models that charge you when the device is in use. They automatically allocate pooled balances for optimal charging. These models minimize expensive overages for applications like motion-activated cameras with varying monthly data usage levels.

IoT Surveillance and Security System Measures

Protecting security and surveillance equipment and data is crucial. These devices play an essential role in keeping your facility safe and reducing loss. In addition to 24/7 monitoring, look for VPN solutions and a private APN that keep device data secure and out of the wrong hands. 

Serviceability and Quality of Service for Smart Surveillance and Security

Telit OPTIMUS can help you avoid bill shock for your smart surveillance and security solution.

For remote IoT surveillance and security, your devices must remain connected to one of many possible networks to avoid data transmission disruptions. That’s why you must ensure your devices can operate across carriers. When it comes to connection quality, the adage “you get what you pay for” applies.

Ensure your devices have IoT data plans and connectivity solutions that enable using the best network, not just the least expensive. A lower-cost network will not always be the network that provides the best connectivity for every spot you will need to mount a camera.

You may not always know your monthly data usage from device to device. Some devices will overuse while others will remain well under the limit. You need an optimization solution to allocate the data plan every month to avoid bill shock.

Telit OPTIMUS is such a solution. It automatically assigns your data plan for each SIM to ensure all your products have the bandwidth they need. OPTIMUS reduces operating expenses so that the company’s focus remains steadfastly on the business.

Remote Troubleshooting

Sending a technician to the smart security camera’s physical location costs time and money. These costs are especially applicable to cameras in hard-to-reach places like roofs and towers. Remote troubleshooting prevents sending a technician to the camera site and reduces downtime, significantly impacting a business’s security operations. 

24/7/365 Support

Security is a vital concern for public and commercial organizations. As such, security cameras are mission-critical devices. Work with a company that offers around-the-clock support to ensure that support services always cover your devices. In addition, see that they provide specialists who understand the network connection’s operation and device sides.  

Having this support means your cameras and devices stand the best chance of staying connected and available to transmit data. Be sure to ask if there is an added charge for that service. 

Global Support for SIM Security Systems

Are you looking to deploy a smart security and surveillance solution in different countries and regions? Select a connectivity solution provider that offers global reach you can tailor to fit the exact geographic distribution of your deployment. Worldwide coverage ensures that the connection works wherever your devices are. Ask about specific solutions for the markets in which you plan to operate (e.g., North or South America, Europe, etc.). 

Another critical item to consider is how you will manage these SIMs for multiple geographies. Telit offers global-reaching connectivity solutions tailored to your specific market footprint. We make it easy to manage your SIMs via one convenient portal. 

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Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published on 9 October 2017 and has since been updated.