Smart Waste & Smart Water Management

Improve efficiency and reduce costs

From rural communities to bustling cities, waste and water management play an important role in ensuring every individual’s quality of life. However, as populations start to grow, so does overall consumption, which increases the amount of garbage and water usage across the world. The Internet of Things (IoT) has created new possibilities for smart waste and water management that allows organizations to better manage public services.

Improve waste management efficiency

Historically, waste management has been a resource-intensive industry. Not to mention, there are areas of waste management that remain inefficient due to outdated methods or processes. With IoT-enabled waste management solutions, organizations can improve efficiency and reduce overall costs:

  • Real-time data offers better asset visibility, which results in greater efficiency and less theft/loss.
  • Waste bins equipped with fill sensors allow organizations to provide better service while reducing unnecessary visits.
  • Cloud-based analytics can help improve scheduling and optimize truck routes.

Reduce costs with smarter water management

Outdated forms of water management being used by organizations worldwide result in a loss of millions of gallons of water every year. By using solutions powered by the Internet of Things, organizations can help reduce the unnecessary loss of fresh water supply:

  • Gather data on water flow, pressure, temperature, and other factors to optimize water distribution and recognize areas of concern.
  • Monitor underground infrastructure to quickly detect and fix leaks before they cause major water loss.
  • Use predictive analytics to determine when a water system is on the verge of failure, so that you can prevent the system from going offline or resulting in wasted water.
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Update Your Waste and Water Management with IoT-Enabled Solutions

Many organizations are feeling the pressure to improve waste and water management systems in order to reduce environmental impact while cutting organizational costs. Telit helps you get your waste and water management solution up and running by enabling end-to-end IoT solutions and providing unrivaled customer support.

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