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Nordsense: Redefining IoT Waste Management

According to the World Bank Group, the world generates 2.01 billion tons of municipal solid waste annually. Traditional waste management is highly inefficient, and 80% of waste is collected at the wrong time. Late waste collections lead to:

  • Overflowing bins
  • Unsanitary environments
  • Citizen complaints
  • Illegal dumping
  • Increased cleaning and collection costs

Early waste collections result in unnecessary carbon emissions and increased traffic congestion and operating costs.

Denmark-based Nordsense is on a mission to turn the waste management sector on its head and kick-start a smart waste management revolution using IoT sensors and data insights. Nordsense offers an end-to-end smart waste management solution. It helps municipalities, cities and waste operators optimize waste services and transition to sustainable practices. The solution uses IoT technology to provide real-time data on waste generation patterns to collect waste efficiently at the right time.

Connectivity Is the Key

With connectivity key to the success of Nordsense’s technology, the company vetted five 4G IoT module suppliers. Telit was the standout choice.

“Telit’s combined offer of hardware and global connectivity services has been essential to smooth operations at Nordsense. This and the stellar developer support that Telit has continued to deliver long after our integration process has made them a highly trusted partner.”

Nicolai Bentsen, Chief Technical Officer at Nordsense

The Telit Advantage

Nordsense relies on Telit for its robust IoT connectivity management solutions, including its IoT Connectivity Portal. The portal provides a highly interactive and engaging user experience with easy-to-use dashboards, charts and more. Nordsense can easily configure billing and provisioning parameters through Telit’s integrated device platforms. They can also leverage AI automation routines to ensure maximum uptime and performance at the lowest cost across multiple carriers and regions.


Nordsense selected Telit’s leading-edge 4G IoT module ME310G1-WW. Part of the Telit xE310 product family, it ensures secure connectivity and extended battery life as well as roaming. With customers worldwide, Nordsense’s IoT devices can continuously scan and choose the network with the best signal strength. If one network is down, Nordsense can easily switch to another local roaming partner to maximize uptime, quality of service and data.

The Nordsense Smart Waste Solution

The solution includes four parts:

  • Smart Sensors
    The smart sensors are 16-point 3D optical laser sensors powered by IoT and made from recycled plastics. The sensors fit inside waste containers to capture data (i.e., fill level, orientation and temperature) every 15 minutes. They run on replaceable batteries to extend their lifetime and increase sustainability.
  • The Nordsense Smart Waste Management Platform
    This platform translates waste generation data into concrete, actionable insights and makes them accessible to improve waste collection.
  • The Nordsense Navigator App
    The app provides intelligent routing with optimized and cost-efficient collection routes based on real-time fill level data.
  • Asset Tracking
    Asset tracking enables a transparent overview of waste container locations and movements. This capability empowers waste authorities to optimize their inventory management and prevent theft.

The Nordsense solution’s installation and activation process takes minutes. It can be tailored to specific waste needs and operational situations. The solution’s APIs allow it to be integrated with other systems.

“Telit has made a huge difference for us. We are proud to partner with them. Telit’s combined service offerings, including developer support, have been essential to our work at Nordsense. They have continued to deliver first-class service ever since we signed on with them.”

Nicolai Bentsen, Chief Technical Officer at Nordsense
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