Smart Building IoT Solutions

What Is a Smart Building?

Smart buildings are facilities that leverage connected technology, devices, data analytics and automation to monitor, evaluate processes and conditions and mitigate various energy waste, trespassing and vandalism.

Through automation, sensors and remote capabilities, smart buildings provide greater convenience for facilities managers, increase the comfort and safety for building occupants, create higher energy efficiency and reduce facility operating costs. As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes pervasive, smart buildings are becoming integral components in larger systems integrations like smart cities that deliver greater benefits to a broader constituent base.

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Create an Efficient Smart Building Ecosystem with IoT

Building owners and managers are always looking for new ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency. By leveraging data from connected devices, you can streamline and automate building management to reduce operating costs, improve occupancy services and minimize a building’s impact on the environment.

Telit-enabled IoT solutions make it easy and affordable to monitor and optimize all systems in buildings with wireless modules, data orchestration platforms and a state-of-the-art cellular network designed for the IoT from the ground up.

IoT Applications for Smart Buildings

SIM Security Camera Solutions

Security and Surveillance

Prevent loss of critical assets with real-time monitoring through secure and reliable remote surveillance that lets you know when people or assets are at risk. Live video and remote security features help facility managers safeguard people, assets and buildings more efficiently and with greater visibility from any location.

Telit Facilities Management IoT solution

Facilities Management

Monitor and optimize your building’s systems to match occupancy patterns without compromising comfort levels. With the transformation of the workplace in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, experts expect less available space, increasing utility costs and higher occupancy demands to put pressure on facility managers to operate building systems and processes more efficiently and effectively.

Connected IoT devices deliver around-the-clock monitoring and real-time data analytics that facility managers need to make better, more informed decisions. By enabling predictive maintenance, these connected solutions mitigate or even prevent outages and shutdowns.

Predictive maintenance allows facility managers to maximize building use for greater efficiency and the best return on investment while providing a safer and more comfortable experience for occupants, including help with local ordinance compliance related to COVID-19 and its long-lasting effects on preparedness.


Home Automation

Enable homeowners to optimize systems, such as lighting, utilities and HVAC, to reduce consumption and save money. As IoT becomes pervasive in buildings and upgraded residences, homeowners benefit from smart devices that create a more convenient, comfortable and less costly living space. Simultaneously, these capabilities create new revenue-generating opportunities for homeowner service providers, such as homeowners’ insurance, warranties and maintenance contracts.

Featured Case Studies

Essence Smart Living

Connected living solutions provider, Essence relies on Telit cellular modules to deliver its flexible and reliable WeR@Home™ home automation solution. This solution requires real-time interaction between the hub and the end-user’s interface, enabled by stable and fast data communications and always-on data channels. By fulfilling these requirements, Telit helps Essence deliver on its mission to help people live life to the fullest through connected-living technologies.

Nubo World’s first 4G/LTE security camera

As the maker of the world’s first 4G/LTE mobile monitoring camera, Nubo was looking to extend the availability and applicability of its connected product to new locations and to areas that were not previously reachable via standard wired and Wi-Fi cameras. Nubo selected Telit’s LE910 module to support its 4G/LTE connectivity. This connectivity supports the bandwidth requirements for communicating live images across regions. With Telit’s help, Nubo is confident it can take advantage of new markets in expanded territories.

Telit IoT Connectivity

Get one-touch access to your global connectivity network with Telit IoT connectivity plans and management solutions. Telit’s IoT connectivity tools and resources rapidly and efficiently get your deployment to market, regardless of size, scale or stage. Get scalable IoT connectivity, global visibility and granular control down to the individual SIM. 

Save Money with Smarter Buildings

Work with Telit on your next product concept to streamline building management automation to conserve energy, increase security and reduce infrastructure costs. We enable IoT solutions that can turn any building into a smart building.