Cellular Module LE922 Series

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Reliable, secure 4G LTE Cat 6 connectivity with 3G fallback for Europe and Australia

For devices that demand high performance, such as mobile broadband gateways and routers, the LE922 module series supports global carrier aggregation deployments up to 40 MHz for both LTE TDD and FDD LTE Category 6 with download speeds of up to 300 Mbps and 50Mbps upload.

The LE922 is designed for easy integration with multiple interface options in a popular LGA form factor. It delivers high performance, reliability and low latency with a combination of MIMO and LTE Advanced carrier aggregation capabilities, in addition to voice support via VoLTE and SRVCC.

Telit LE922A6 module

Dimensions and Key Features

  • 34x40x3mm nested LGA form factor
  • LTE-A Cat 6
  • Up to 300 Mbps in DL and 50 Mbps in UL
  • CA up to 40MHz both intra/interband
  • MIMO 2x2
  • Regional variants (FDD/TDD) band combinations






Europe 4G 1800/2600/900/800
700/1500(B32 DL)
Europe 4G 800/1800/2600 RED, GCF

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