Smart Energy IoT Solutions

What Is Smart Energy?

Smart energy is multi-faceted energy management that uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver cost-effective, efficient energy distribution. It combines the use of sustainable, renewable energy sources and IoT energy management solutions and devices.

Smart energy systems extend beyond intelligent electrical grids and metering to encompass multiple energy sources and types, production and delivery infrastructures, and operational processes and use cases. Keeping these systems high-functioning and always on requires secure connectivity to deliver the benefits they’re designed for — improved resilience, greater efficiency, lower costs and environmental sustainability.

Create a More Sustainable World with IoT Energy Management Using IoT

Energy management using IoT is expanding, and along with it, a commitment to leveraging IoT for energy efficiency that supports environmental sustainability. As the world’s energy needs grow, so do issues around increased consumption, aging infrastructures, the rising cost of outages and consumer expectations around energy availability.

With IoT-enabled solutions for smart energy and utilities, you can connect sustainable energy assets and integrate them into your existing IT infrastructure to improve energy efficiency and delivery. IoT energy management enables many sustainability practices, such as convenient access to real-time machine and consumer usage information. These practices help you make smarter decisions about energy distribution while helping your customers conserve energy and save money.

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IoT Applications for Smart Energy Management

Smart Meter Technology

Optimize energy distribution, reduce operating expenses and improve customer service with clear visibility into power usage. Smart meters provide real-time data about energy availability and consumption. Real-time usage data helps utility providers determine how, where and when to distribute energy for maximum benefit and to reduce outages. Improved transparency in accounting and billing lets customers modify their energy usage to save money and be more environmentally conscientious.

Smart Grid Solutions

Make better use of energy supplies by optimizing electricity generation and distribution while improving resilience and reducing operating costs. Electricity demand is increasing around the globe. IoT-enabled smart electrical grid systems are helping energy suppliers meet growing usage demands while at the same time increasing the quality, efficiency and resilience of energy delivery. Enhanced visibility into operations and more effective diagnoses are helping providers shift demand loads, reduce outages and distribute electricity more cost-effectively.

Oil and Gas IoT Solutions

Gain greater insight into oil and gas infrastructure health to fix problems faster or even avoid them with predictive systems while maintaining optimal functionality. The oil and gas industry uses smart energy IoT solutions to optimize production and ensure the safe extraction, refinement and delivery of crucial energy resources. IoT-enabled data is gathered from connected equipment, such as devices and sensors on oil rigs and in tanks and pipelines. The data is integrated into the IT infrastructure to give oil and gas companies a single, integrated view of the supply chain, leading to increased efficiency and ROI.

Featured Smart Energy Case Studies

IoTZA: Powering IoT-enabled Smart Building Innovations with Telit

South African utility provider IoTZA is changing the face of power consumption management with connectivity solutions from Telit. Telit modules, platforms and connectivity ensure that IoTZA has always-on access to its cloud-based customer power management system through a multinetwork connection. The utility leverages Telit modules and data connection and orchestration services to receive rapid usage readings from smart meters, helping employees make decisions that drive energy efficiency and more accurate billings. These new Telit-enabled capabilities are also allowing the company to expand into building management and smart buildings.

Acclaim Energy: Optimizing Energy Consumption

Acclaim Energy’s Dynamic Load Optimization 365 solution is an intelligent, low-cost power metering and control system that leverages smart grid technologies. The system monitors and manages loads on the power grid and switches them to standby generators or off the grid in seconds. The Telit deviceWISE® for Factory platform supports the solution by extracting data from customer devices and equipment to provide real-time power consumption information across the grid. Data from the combined solution helps customers optimize power consumption while giving electricity providers the information they need to balance the electricity load and avoid brownouts and blackouts.

Telit IoT Connectivity

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Manage Energy Consumption with a Smart Energy Solution

Telit enables smart energy IoT solutions that are designed to help you optimize energy distribution. Our industrial-grade modules, global cellular connectivity and data orchestration platforms help optimize energy distribution through superior connectivity.

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