Telit IoT Enablement for Smart Energy Solutions

Build your smart energy and utility solution with Telit’s IoT modules,
connectivity services, software and platforms.

Create your smart energy IoT solution by leveraging Telit’s expertise and IoT leadership. Our wireless IoT modules, connectivity plans, platforms and subscription services empower solution developers to add 5G, data orchestration and security to their applications so utility suppliers can optimize distribution, reduce operating expenses and improve customer service.
Telit’s IoT products and services can enable smart energy applications to provide:
  • Actionable energy insights
    Get real-time data from smart meters about energy availability and usage to gain clear visibility into energy distribution, reduce outages, and improve accounting and billing transparency.
  • Optimized energy generation and distribution
    Smart grids enabled with IoT help energy suppliers meet increasing consumption demands to improve resilience and distribute electricity more cost-effectively.
  • Transform the oil and gas delivery supply chain
    Greater insights into oil and gas infrastructure help suppliers resolve problems faster, optimize production and ensure safety throughout the extraction, refinement and delivery process.
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