What Is Smart Traffic and Parking?

Manage City Traffic and Parking Needs with IoT

As city populations and cars on the road increase, road and parking-lot congestion grow. This overcrowding can frustrate and waste drivers’ and other commuters’ time. It increases traffic accident risks and generates pollution, undermining environmental sustainability.

The Internet of Things (IoT) makes transportation infrastructure safe and efficient with smart traffic and smart city parking management.

Smart Traffic and Parking Use Cases


Monitoring and controlling traffic lights to reduce congestion. Smart traffic solutions can detect traffic patterns and adjust traffic signal timing to manage traffic flow. These applications help avoid widening roads or other infrastructure changes.


Identifying structural issues involving bridges and roadways that could lead to traffic delays or unsafe conditions. Smart traffic management solutions help drivers and first responders avoid dangerous or under-construction areas.


Communicating parking space availability to make parking more convenient. Sensors embedded in the pavement of parking lots or overhead in parking decks assess and send parking space information to smartphones. Drivers can find an available parking place without circling the block.


Enabling automatic payments for parking fees and road tolls, creating greater convenience for commuters. Contactless on-street parking and transport ticketing systems make payments fast and eliminate needing correct change.


Providing convenient alternative modes of transportation, such as shared inner-city smart bikes and scooters. Multiple IoT smart traffic technologies combine to help users find and return shared personal vehicles securely.

Case Study: The Road to Better Urban Transportation

German electric scooter manufacturer Kumpan electric is helping steer green transportation with a scooter sharing system. Kumpan leverages Telit’s connectivity to keep track of scooter fleet functionality and availability elements.

Telit provided an all-in-one connectivity solution based on flexible cellular coverage. This IoT enablement allows Kumpan to help riders avoid traffic and parking issues while reducing CO2 emissions.


Improve Commutes with Smart Traffic and Parking Solutions

IoT-enabled smart urban mobility solutions transform the way drivers and riders get from A to B. This transformation requires manageable IoT-connected device networks. Telit offers:

We empower smart traffic and parking solution providers to build transportation systems to keep cities moving.