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Telit’s miniature xE310 family delivers high business and technical value for IoT projects looking for low power, low cost and small footprint. The 94-pad LGA footprint delivers a comprehensive a set of features with enough reserve connection pads to futureproof it and space to allow modules in the family to go in sizes from around 300mm2 to below 200mm2.  The xE310 is designed to allow for single as well as multi technology products such as combination cellular+GNSS and other solutions in fixed and mobile applications for smart utilities, home and commercial automation, telematics, POS and smart cities.

Design and launch your next generation cellular-enabled IoT product with the xE310.

xE310 Family

Dimensions & Key Features

Get ready for the era of massive IoT deployments with the xE310 family

  • 94-pad fixed LGA footprint
  • Module sizes going from 300 down to below 200 mm2
  • Combination products include cellular, GNSS and other wireless technologies
  • Includes 2G to facilitate migration to LTE Mobile IoT for markets like Europe and Latin America
  • LGA engineered for superior yield in massive-scale manufacturing



Datasheet Downloads

GSM|GPRS, GNSS, Bluetooth GE310-GNSS

GE310 Downloads

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