Telematics and Transportation IoT Solutions

What Is Telematics?

Telematics systems blend telecommunications and information technology with data science to deliver real-time, actionable information and enable vehicle and equipment monitoring and management in the transportation industry.

By combining geolocation functionality with mobile, connected hardware, telematics solutions take data transmitted from vehicles through telecommunication networks to servers where the information is analyzed and used to inform operations. For example, after the data is analyzed, the server can send back commands or new operational parameters to the mobile device or vehicle.

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What Are Telematics Systems Used For?

Telematics applications use GPS and other onboard sensors and diagnostics systems. They include fleet monitoring and management, fleet asset tracking and routing and usage-based insurance (UBI) programs that factor driving behavior into insurance premium calculations.

Telematics and Fleet Managment

Telematics Devices for Vehicle Management

The integration of telematics data with IoT-enabled devices in vehicles can improve fleet operations through greater efficiency, new vehicle services that can generate additional revenue, and better experiences for drivers and customers. IoT-enabled vehicle management solutions allow fleet managers and other users to connect, monitor and manage vehicle operation from a centralized web-based IoT portal or mobile app. These telematics solutions enable them to optimize routes, control fuel costs, improve driver safety and fleet security, and remotely diagnose maintenance requirements.


Asset Tracking

Telematics-enabled asset tracking ensures that fleet managers always know the health and location of valuable equipment and vehicle fleets so they can manage their inventory optimally. From locating lost or stolen vehicles to proactively replenishing parts in stock to making maintenance decisions based on up-to-the-minute information, asset tracking is critical to efficient and cost-effective business operations.


Telematics Solutions for Route Optimization

Route optimization is powered by data: Sensor data is integrated with big data, such as historical route information, weather, traffic and much more. This data is fed into advanced route-planning software — some of which now leverages machine learning to make sense of these new data streams — to increase fleet productivity and safety.

Insights collected from connected vehicles provide critical, up-to-the-minute information on the best routes to take under varying circumstances. Equipped with this information, fleet managers can make decisions that reduce fuel costs, improve driver safety and increase fleet security.

Usage-Based Insurance

Telematics Transport and Usage-Based Insurance

Insurance customers are looking for customized insurance programs that help improve their driving behavior and save them money. IoT-enabled telematics solutions play a crucial role in helping insurers meet their customer needs by collecting and analyzing data from telematics devices placed in vehicles.

Based on each driver’s behavior, these solutions provide insurers with the information and insights they need to make personalized decisions regarding insurance premiums and provide new, customized services to their customers. This capability can lead to greater customer satisfaction, improved driver behavior while generating cost savings and new revenue for insurers.

Jooycar: A Telematics System for the Usage-Based Insurance Market

An end-to-end, cloud-based insurance telematics platform promises greater value for insurers and an enhanced experience for insurance customers. With help from Telit’s IoT technology and expertise, Jooycar, a leading Latin American auto insurtech company, is offering this innovative platform. Telit’s connectivity management solution allows Jooycar to simplify its cellular connectivity provisioning and management process and quickly adapt to new business opportunities.

Telit IoT Connectivity

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Transportation IoT Solutions Driven by Innovation

The essential elements in creating high-functioning telematics solutions that deliver the greatest benefits are:

  • Ruggedness
  • Reliable RF performance from cellular, satellite positioning (GNSS), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules
  • Connectivity plans that conform to the telematics business

Cellular IoT-enabled telematics solutions help fleet managers and transportation specialists be more efficient and cost-effective in their operations. Telit contributes an array of industrial-grade cellular voice, data and satellite positioning modules, devices and cellular connectivity management platforms, and data orchestration to develop business-critical, IoT-enabled telematics solutions for the real world. Our offerings empower applications for improving transportation efficiency, fleet management accuracy and safety, fleet asset tracking, route optimization, auto insurance, and more.

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