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Enhance Operations with IoT Remote Monitoring and Management

December 18, 2023

Remotely monitoring and managing IoT devices is crucial whether a company deploys 500 or over a million. Physically upgrading, replacing or fixing IoT devices is costly and time-consuming. If a deployment is large enough, it is not feasible to manually interact with every single device.

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IoT Remote Management: How Does It Work?

Remote monitoring and management data being sent from construction equipment.

Remote IoT monitoring and management involve two sets of data:

  • Data from the application
  • Data from the physical device

By remotely monitoring and managing IoT devices, operators will have insight into the state of each device. These insights include identifying issues like data transmission problems or evaluating application performance.

IoT remote monitoring and management capabilities mean operators do not need to access their IoT devices physically. For example, heavy equipment rental businesses need to understand how customers treat their vehicles. With IoT remote monitoring and management systems, the company can ensure renters are not mistreating the equipment. A business can do this through a digital platform rather than painstakingly evaluating the status of each rental.

Connectivity is another key element of remote monitoring and management in IoT. If companies cannot reliably connect to their IoT devices, they cannot update, configure or provision them. They would need to send engineers on-site to perform those tasks manually.

Benefits of IoT Remote Monitoring and Management

IoT devices are often located in hard-to-reach places, such as moving vehicles or heavy equipment that may be bolted to a shop floor. Sometimes, these devices could be many miles away. It is not uncommon for businesses to fly their engineers or technicians to help correct issues on their IoT-enabled products.

With remote IoT capabilities, companies and their customers gain numerous benefits, including:  

  • Rapid remediation for issues
  • Eliminate islands of hardware
  • Avoid prolonged downtime
  • Minimize the cost of updates
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Save money and time on truck rolls
  • Enhance productivity

IoT Remote Monitoring Case Study: Enhancing Fleet Management Services 

Manager reading fleet management and telematics data from a digital tablet.

A leader in industrial and commercial cleaning equipment sells fleets of machines to cleaning companies that work in stadiums, airports and hospitals. These companies asked for help managing their fleets because the fleets and areas of operation are large.

The floor cleaning equipment company addressed these concerns by creating a telemetry system called Intelligent Remote Information System or IRIS. Moreover, it utilized Telit Cinterion’s modules, connectivity solutions and platforms. The result was an innovative value proposition that empowered customers to leverage their assets more effectively.

The equipment sends data from IoT sensors to the cloud every day. Back-end systems use this information to track the overall status of the machines. The company can now help customers before their equipment breaks or loses power because of these IoT remote monitoring capabilities.

IRIS helped increase machine usage and maximize ROI for the equipment. This system became the foundation of their bundled offering, which guaranteed fleet uptime by 95%. This enabled the company to surpass its first-year revenue estimates by 3,000%. With the adoption of its new IoT-led strategy, the company achieved $1 billion in annual revenue.

Watch this video to discover how we also enable global roaming and localization for fleets.

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