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Harness the power of IoT for home automation

The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed the way that modern homeowners live. While the average home already has a handful of connected devices, more connected home solutions continue to hit the market in response to consumer demand. Home automation powered by IoT will continue to open up new sources of revenue for businesses while allowing them to connect to customers to deliver more value and better customer service.

Change your relationship with consumers

When it comes to home automation, the Internet of Things has the potential to transform the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) from a device manufacturer to a valuable service provider. With IoT-enabled solutions, manufacturers can benefit from:

  • Real-time consumer data, which provides important insights that can inspire new innovations or improvements.
  • New consistent revenue models, including maintenance and warranty services.
  • Ongoing relationships with customers who depend on your home automation services to simplify and improve their lives.

Enhance the customer experience

With home automation powered by IoT, consumers have the chance to benefit both directly and indirectly from improved product features and usability. Manufacturers can provide a better customer experience through IoT-enabled solutions by delivering:

  • Increased product features and enhanced functionality with remote management of devices.
  • Valuable insights that allow homeowners to gain greater control over their home environments.
  • Enhanced usability through rich user interfaces, making it easier for homeowners to adjust their comfort settings.
  • Improved device efficiency, which can provide consumers with significant potential energy savings.
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Get Your Home Automation Solutions to Market Faster

The Internet of Things presents exciting new opportunities for businesses that want to profit from the home automation revolution. Telit has expertise across industries, making us the perfect partner for innovative end-to-end IoT solutions for home automation. Our team can help you get your products and solutions to market faster while reducing complexity and making it easier to manage and integrate high data volumes.