IoT-Driven Remote Asset Tracking Systems

Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled asset tracking leverages IoT technology that uses GPS/GNSS or cellular tower triangulation to pinpoint an asset’s location.

Applications of IoT in Remote Asset Tracking and Management


Track and Protect Critical Equipment

IoT asset tracking leverages sensors and connected devices to enable remote monitoring and management of an asset’s geoposition and movements.

Every business has valuable assets, from industrial equipment to vehicle fleets or even livestock on a farm. Protecting their safety and availability is critical to your business’s success.


Create Service Opportunities

Securely tracking the location and health of valuable assets and inventory is critical to business operations. Managing your assets becomes much easier with IoT-enabled asset tracking. These solutions allow you to track your assets remotely, enabling your business to reduce risk and create new revenue streams.

Manage Inventory and Improve Operations



EyeSeal leveraged Telit’s IoT modules, connectivity services and platforms to enable their monitoring solution. EyeSeal was able to build an industry-first cargo breach detection device many times smaller than competing devices.

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Telit deviceWISE Platform

The LwM2M protocol enables many benefits for IoT data management.

deviceWISE lets you connect your machines and enterprise software without writing custom code. This platform leverages the power of a logic engine and hundreds of native machine protocols and drivers. Once implemented, you can get near real-time bidirectional data and analysis from any machine, sensor or device. Discover how deviceWISE can help you scale and future-proof your IIoT solution.

Explore Telit deviceWISE Explore Telit deviceWISE

Improve Customer Service with Real-Time Asset Data

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