Make smarter lighting decisions for your city

Organizations and government agencies across the world are facing increased pressure to find ways to become more energy efficient while reducing costs. Outdoor lighting is a great place to start as public and commercial lighting infrastructure is expensive and one of the greatest contributors to energy waste. The Internet of Things (IoT) makes it easy for public and private organizations to conserve more energy with smart lighting systems.

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Designing Smart Lights for Smarter Cities

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Reduce energy consumption and costs

An intelligent lighting system allows you to gather data from connected infrastructure throughout the city or across commercial buildings to make smarter decisions about usage and maintenance. With connected lighting, your organization can conserve energy and reduce operating expenses:

  • Monitor usage and provide lighting as needed in different areas based on their unique needs.
  • Adapt lighting settings to environmental conditions such as fog or rain.
  • Adjust lighting based on the day of the week or time of day to account for traffic or other conditions.
  • Use real-time data to see operational status of lights, reducing unnecessary truck rolls.

Make your city a safer place

IoT-enabled smart lighting systems have the potential to make cities a significantly safer place to live, work, and visit. Smart lighting provides a greater sense of security and overall better experience for citizens as it helps cities enhance public safety:

  • Use responsive lighting to improve visibility during inclement weather.
  • Instantly turn on or dim lights to assist emergency responders.
  • Increase lighting in high crime areas to deter misconduct.
  • Brighten lights in remote areas in response to traffic.
  • Detect and address lighting outages faster.

Save Money, Enhance Safety, Improve Lives

Smart lighting systems offer cities the opportunity improve public safety while saving energy and reducing overall costs. Telit enables end-to-end IoT solutions for smart lighting to make it easy for utilities, municipalities, and other government organizations to connect street lighting and make smarter decisions about usage.