Food and Beverage IoT Solutions

Improve food quality, operational efficiency, and compliance

Companies in the food and beverage industries face unique challenges as they often experience harsh production environments and strict regulatory requirements. The Internet of Things (IoT) helps food and beverage companies gain greater visibility over their manufacturing, production, and transportation processes to provide higher quality products for end consumers while maintaining operational efficiency and remaining compliant with governmental regulations.

Simplify operations and boost efficiency

IoT-enabled solutions provide a variety of logistical benefits for food and beverage companies. Connected devices can help organizations in the food and beverage manufacturing industry improve efficiency and enhance business processes while also working to prevent machine downtime and other costly issues:

  • Use sensors to retrieve real-time data that allows you to track inventory, indicate when replenishment is needed, and trigger automatic shipments.
  • Monitor and track shipments, planning alternative routes to ensure that products are delivered on time.
  • Remotely monitor the conditions of containers and other vessels to ensure quality and safety of the final product.
  • Get alerts on machine maintenance and repair issues to maintain operational efficiency and prevent costly malfunctions.

Improve food and beverage safety

Taking adequate food safety measures is not only an important part of providing quality food and beverage products for the end consumer, but it also plays a vital role in maintaining compliance. Different food regulation organizations and governmental agencies across the world are starting to require more detailed monitoring and record-keeping to ensure consistent food safety. IoT-enabled food and beverage solutions help companies remain compliant while providing the best quality products:

  • Track food in transit to ensure transportation conditions do not impact food safety or quality of final product.
  • Provide more detailed and accurate record-keeping on how food is produced, manufactured, transported, and stored.
  • Use sensors to monitor temperatures in containers to ensure that food products are being safety stored.
  • Trigger staff to perform and verify required food safety inspections when data gathered from sensors suggests potential issues or violations.
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Improve Visibility and Your Bottom Line

The Internet of Things has the potential to revolutionize the way the food and beverage industry operates. As a trusted enabler of end-to-end IoT solutions, Telit can help you manage and scale your food and beverage IoT solutions to significantly improve the manufacturing and production processes while maintaining food safety compliance.