IoT Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

Improve Food Quality, Operational Efficiency and Compliance

Today’s food and beverage companies rely on Internet of Things (IoT) food quality monitoring systems. The Internet of Things (IoT) helps food and beverage companies gain greater visibility over their manufacturing, production and transportation processes to provide higher quality products for end consumers while maintaining operational efficiency and remaining compliant with governmental regulations.

Foods and beverages are vulnerable to temperature and humidity, as well as time. IoT-connected monitors and sensors networked with managed cellular connectivity empower suppliers to create and transport high-quality products.


IoT Use Cases in the Food and Beverage Industry

IoT-enabled food quality monitoring systems help ensure:

Food Safety

Safety measures are vital to provide safe food and beverages for consumers and maintain regulatory compliance. Sensor-based tracking ensures safety during transit and storage. Automated alerts trigger staff to perform and verify required inspections.

Logistics and Inventory Management

Understocking and overstocking can lead to issues for food and beverage suppliers. IoT-driven inventory management systems support just-in-time logistics to ensure supplies align with demand. These systems help eliminate shortages and overstocks to prevent consumer strain and food spoilage.

Processing Improvements

Sensing technology and data analytics provide accurate records about food production and storage. This information is critical to improving product life cycle stages for an economical food and beverage supply chain.

Reduce Spoilage and Environmental Impact

The food and beverage industry’s green movement focuses on ensuring sustainable practices. IoT-enabled food management systems support these initiatives by:

  • Providing insight into the supply chain to improve raw material and packaged goods tracking
  • Reducing waste through ongoing food and beverage quality and supply monitoring
  • Increasing energy efficiency by environmental monitoring and adjustments and distribution practice improvement

Improve Your Bottom Line

IoT and smart supply chains are changing food and beverage industry operations. Telit’s IoT enablement can help food and beverage industry solution providers create scalable IoT solutions for quick and effective integration into your operation.