Telit IoT Enablement for Smart Factories

Take the next step toward Industry 4.0 and digitally transform your manufacturing enterprise
with Telit’s IoT modules, connectivity plans, software and platforms.

Leverage Telit’s expertise and proven IoT leadership to create your smart manufacturing application. We offer data plans that incorporate SIMs to connect your enterprise to the supply chain, so you can track and monitor your assets when they leave the factory. Telit’s IoT modules, IIoT platforms and subscription services can help developers and solution providers add 5G, data orchestration, device management and system integration to your manufacturing application, enabling and empowering your smart factory.
Telit’s IIoT enablement solutions can help you:
  • Connect the shop floor to the top floor
    Collect data from many different machines across your factory floor by connecting them and getting them to communicate with each other without writing custom code.
  • Ensure security for your smart manufacturing deployment
    With Telit’s secure IoT cellular modules, which are created with unique identification and credentials, you can safeguard your IIoT deployment from conception and even add new devices and secure them without disrupting your operations.
  • Get your factory 5G-ready
    Telit’s 5G adapter modules and data cards can enable wide-area and private networking performance enhancements, transform factories, and bring new IIoT devices and use cases to your manufacturing enterprise.
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