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Telit provides the SIM cards for all our devices. This allows communication with central servers, which is essential to locate users.

—Charles Lewinton, Head of Engineering


British entrepreneur, Sara Murray developed the Buddi wearable device to provide 24/7 emergency support to vulnerable populations including the elderly, dementia patients, and those with special needs. To provide greater confidence to users and reassurance to both family members and caregivers, Buddi Ltd. wanted to upgrade the device to provide two-way voice communication between those wearing the device and agents at the Buddi call center. Telit helped the company achieve this goal by providing cellular modules and reliable connectivity that met the company’s needs.

Why Telit?

With its small form and low power consumption, the GE865-QUAD module is the ideal module to use within the Buddi wearable device. Telit’s technology also allows for a two-way voice channel to be opened up over the GSM network, helping to connect Buddi users with vital emergency response. Buddi was also looking for a connectivity plan that would allow the company to choose when they activated or deactivated their devices.



Buddi adopted Telit SIMs and network services to ensure a reliable network connection for transmitting data from the device to the company’s servers. With Telit’s technology, Buddi was able to offer two-way communication between users and the Buddi call center so that agents could find the location of the wearer and talk to them to establish what kind of assistance was required. Furthermore, Buddi was able to save money by using Telit’s flexible connectivity services that allowed the company to choose when devices were activated.


Today, Buddi leads the field in assistive technology helping people remain independent for a longer period of time. Currently, over 200 local councils across the UK are using the Buddi wearable device to provide 24/7 safety monitoring to those in need.

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