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Lantech: Establishing a LINC® between People, Process and Machine

A Lantech machine. Lantech builds case and tray handling machines and stretch wrappers.

In 1972, Lantech made a worldwide impact by inventing the stretch wrapper and changing how businesses package and protect their products for shipment. Today, Lantech builds a full line of equipment for:

  • Case and tray handling
  • Stretch wrapping
  • Pallet conveying

The company has manufacturing facilities in the United States and the Netherlands. In addition, it has sales and technical support worldwide. 

Every year, billions of pallet loads are secured using the original Lantech concept for stretch wrapping. Lantech customers span a wide range of products, including: 

  • Household  
  • Automotive 
  • Converters and printers
  • Industrial chemicals 
  • Corrugators 
  • Machine builders 
  • Fabricators 
  • Food
  • E-commerce 
  • Beverage 
  • Towel and tissue 
  • Health care 
  • Pet and livestock 

The Challenge: Addressing Machine Challenges for a Smarter Factory 

Over the years, the business has been built on innovation, customer support and a mission to reduce global shipping damage. Without proper stretch wrapping, loads can shift or fail during shipment. Load damage can be costly and wasteful and harm a company’s brand image and the environment.  

Lantech’s innovative spirit led the research team to seek new technology solutions to address several customer needs: 

  • Machine uptime
  • Machine performance 
  • Load quality 
  • Shipment costs 
  • Environmental impact measurement 

The Telit Cinterion Advantage: Using IoT to Drive Actionable Insights

The Lantech Intelligent Network Connection (LINC) software as a service solution providing real-time data visibility for actionable insights.

Lantech’s challenge was to develop a technology that revolutionizes how companies leverage stretch wrappers and case equipment. Lantech selected us as a technology partner to help create Lantech Intelligent Network Connection® (LINC®).  

LINC® is Lantech’s first IoT-driven software as a service (SaaS). It enables customers to view critical machine analytics anytime, anywhere, which is a foundational element for smart factories. LINC® is powered by our IoT enablement products, including: 

Performance feedback is vital to proactively addressing systemic issues. Lantech built LINC® to harvest powerful data that allows machine performance analysis without accessing customer networks. The product’s goal is to significantly reduce downtime, quality problems and environmental impacts using our equipment. With Telit Cinterion’s help, we accomplished our original product goals and continue discovering new insights from our machine data daily.”  

— Director of Customer Care, Lantech, LLC

The Results: Increased Uptime, Performance and Load Quality and Reduced Film Cost and Environmental Impacts

Empowering the right people to view data to improve uptime and productivity is often complex. deviceWISE simplifies the process by providing industrial drivers and enabling advanced edge logic, cloud connectivity and secure remote access.  

LINC® includes machine data, analysis and alerts to allow users to monitor machine performance remotely. It is a data visibility solution that allows subscribers to monitor machine data and real-time performance from anywhere. In addition, LINC® provides actionable intelligence to improve system uptime, productivity and load quality while reducing financial and environmental costs. 

“Through our partnership with Telit Cinterion, LINC® allows users to set and monitor performance targets and receive event-based notifications. This allows wrapping systems to become part of the team by notifying users when important events occur. Thanks to LINC®, Lantech stretch wrappers are helping customers produce millions of safe-to-ship loads every year at the lowest possible financial and environmental cost.”  

— Director of Customer Care, Lantech, LLC

“We believe our customers and partners will continue to trust Lantech for cutting-edge tools that save resources and protect products throughout the shipment journey. LINC® (officially launched for all L-series automatic stretch wrappers) will further the value of our machines and improve our ability to service machines in the field.”*

— LINC® Product Manager and Sustainability Analyst, Lantech, LLC

Learn how IoT is creating real-time data access and analysis for manufacturing companies. Watch this IoT Central podcast episode with Telit Cinterion and Lantech, “How IoT Creates a More Visible Process and Sustainable Product for Manufacturers.” 

*LINC® for Case Erectors is available on new orders for CI-2000, CI-1000, C-2000, C-1000 machines with Siemens or Rockwell PLCs. LINC® for Stretch Wrappers is available on new orders for L-Series Automatic machines, including: RLA, SLA, SLC & QLA machines. LINC® is also included as a part of Total Care Plans and select retrofits.

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