Brightfield: Advancing Energy Grid Digitization in Germany

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Founded in 2022, Brightfield is a cutting-edge German technology group that has emerged as a leader in energy grid digitization. Brightfield offers innovative solutions to retrofit offline transformers into real-time data sources. These solutions enable customers to make data-driven decisions for reliable and efficient grid management.

Brightfield’s customer base primarily includes Distribution System Operators (DSOs). These entities distribute and manage energy from generation sources to the final consumers.

Brightfield transforms how DSOs operate and maintain energy grids by leveraging real-time data and insights. This ensures a smooth, continuous electricity flow throughout the grid.

The company provides a comprehensive data acquisition system specifically designed for energy grids. Its solution is noteworthy for its compatibility with various transformer types. It offers flexibility and scalability to meet the diverse needs of different DSOs.

Brightfield leverages non-intrusive, multisensor data acquisition for high-frequency edge processing. It converts traditional transformers into real-time data units, revolutionizing grid monitoring and management.

Brightfield’s Key Offerings and Solution Capabilities

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Real-Time Data Capture

Brightfield’s innovative system captures real-time data from transformers. It provides timestamped information to enable precise monitoring and analysis of grid performance.

Grid Performance Alerts

Brightfield’s solution monitors the grid and generates alerts and notifications to DSOs regarding anomalies and performance issues. This enables prompt responses and preventive actions.

Grid Forecasting and Planning

DSOs can leverage historical and real-time data insights to optimize grid operations and ensure efficient energy distribution.

Transformer Health Monitoring

Brightfield’s solution offers comprehensive transformer health monitoring. It detects potential issues and enables preventive maintenance and replacement, minimizing downtime and improving grid reliability.

The Challenge: Collecting Data from Hard-to-Reach Areas 

Energy network digitization presents unique commercial challenges. For example, extracting data from underground transformers without drilling into the transformer roof poses risks, including:  

  • Water leaks  
  • Sabotage vulnerability  
  • Potential to void transformer station housing certifications  

In addition, achieving real-time data synchronization and precision for data science applications is critical. Acquiring and processing massive amounts of data quickly while ensuring high quality is essential for providing valuable insights. 

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The Telit Cinterion Solution: Cellular LTE Modules

Brightfield sought a robust connectivity solution to overcome these challenges. The company partnered with Telit Cinterion to leverage its state-of-the-art cellular LTE modules. These offered reliable and efficient data transmission, even in challenging environments.  

The Telit Cinterion LTE module portfolio offers:

  • A strong link budget
  • Advanced antenna matching
  • Exceptional sensitivity and power amplification

These modules provided a dependable connectivity solution for data acquisition from difficult areas. 

The Results: Real-Time Data at Scale for Better Decision-Making

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Brightfield’s DSO customers gained access to real-time, granular data insights at scale. It empowered them to make informed decisions for reliable grid management and optimization.  

The solution simplified the real-time sorting and correlation of energy peaks with temperature. It enabled DSOs to address locations susceptible to shutdowns or blackouts proactively. This capability greatly assisted with grid planning and improved overall grid reliability. 

Key Benefits

  • Real-time data capture and analysis for enhanced grid forecasting and planning 
  • Improved transformer health monitoring and maintenance 
  • Proactive identification of potential shutdown or blackout locations for optimized grid management 
  • Empowers DSOs to make data-driven decisions for reliable and efficient grid operation 

Award-Winning Achievement

Brightfield’s groundbreaking work in energy grid digitization and collaboration with Telit Cinterion garnered significant industry recognition. This included receiving the prestigious silver medal in digital transformation at Germany’s Deutscher Digital Awards. This esteemed accolade underscores Brightfield’s exceptional contributions to the industry and highlights its dedication to advancing grid digitization. 

Telit Cinterion’s advanced LTE modules were vital for Brightfield to transform energy grid digitization. The solution enabled DSOs to harness the power of real-time data for:  

  • Improved grid forecasting  
  • Planning 
  • Transformer health monitoring 

In addition, Telit Cinterion’s connectivity services ensured real-time data acquisition from difficult-to-reach areas, driving reliable, efficient grid management. 

“Our collaboration with Telit Cinterion has taken energy grid digitization to a new level. It has empowered our DSO customers with real-time insights for reliable, precision-oriented grid operation. Telit Cinterion’s connectivity solution has been a key factor in our ability to achieve this success.”

— Laura Antonia Färber, COO, Brightfield
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