Telit Private Instances for Enterprise IoT Applications

Out-of-the-Box Integration with MNOs' IT Infrastructure


Private clouds are perfectly suited to support implementations for large enterprises

Deliver Mission-Critical Performance to Your Customers

Telit IoT platforms are preferred among leading mobile network operators (MNOs), enterprises and application solutions providers that rely on mission-critical connectivity, security, scalability and enterprise-grade performance for their customers.

Strengthen Your Entire Solution with Telit’s Broad Portfolio

Telit offers the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of high-performance IoT modules, connectivity services and IoT systems management software. Telit’s innovative spirit, decades of experience, deep industry insights and unmatched IoT technology expertise comprise the foundation of everything we do. Leading companies around the world — large and small — are using the Telit IoT platforms in many industries, including:

Tap Into the Power of a Global Ecosystem

You’ll get access to a robust, global ecosystem of device suppliers, system integrators, turnkey applications and a rich do-it-yourself developer community. The Telit deviceWISE® IoT platform enables many IoT applications, such as:

We continue to work with many global application developers to enhance the available IoT applications running on Telit deviceWISE.

Integration with OSS and BSS, Inventory, Billing and Big Data Analytics Platforms

You can integrate Telit IoT platforms with a carrier’s OSS and BSS systems, including SIM management integration, inventory management and billing systems. The platforms integrate using its enterprise servers to bi-directionally move data between the platforms’ data store and the OSS/BSS system. Connectivity is available for integrating via databases, web services, ESBs and direct connectivity to SAP-based systems. This approach allows customized integration for your existing systems and databases without needing to do a lot of expensive custom coding.

SIM Management Integration

A common and easy integration point is to integrate the cellular provisioning service with Telit IoT platforms. Integrating with an MNO’s SIM management system will give end customers the ability to manage their cellular connections, including data plan selection, reporting and more through a single application.

Billing Integration

The Telit IoT platforms generate monthly usage reports that can be automatically exported and sent to your billing system along with any required customer identification information. This integration simplifies billing their account via your existing billing systems. The Enterprise Gateway feature supplies the data to a database, message bus or SAP directly. Data can also be pulled from Telit IoT platforms to the billing system using the same mechanism allowing both on-demand and scheduled data exchange between the platform and your BSS infrastructure.

Inventory Management

As SIMs, modems or other devices are shipped from you to your customer, data can be sent to Telit IoT platforms via the Enterprise Gateway feature. The Enterprise Gateway makes it easy for the customer to manage their devices in a single environment without manually transferring information.

Big Data Analytics

Telit IoT platforms allow you to easily integrate with major big data analytics platforms, like AWS, IBM, Azure and others, to convert device data into real-time, actionable analysis to drive business value. Secured transfer of data can be carried out bi-directionally in real time.

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