The Benefits of Cellular IoT-Driven Fleet Telematics

Cellular-enabled telematics solutions are transforming business operations and customer engagement. Telematics provides detailed information about vehicle health and how vehicles are being driven, from the family car to the factory forklift to the delivery van and beyond.

Companies that manage fleets can use fleet telematics to collect real-time information such as fuel consumption, speed, mileage and driver behavior to glean valuable insights that can increase productivity, reduce expenses and improve safety. The connectivity data plan an enterprise subscribes to plays a crucial role in the telematics ecosystem. It ensures reliable and seamless communication and data transmission between vehicles, fleet managers and other ecosystem partners everywhere fleet vehicles are likely to operate. Operators can also manage connectivity for all vehicles in a fleet from a single pane of glass wherever they are roaming, dramatically simplifying remote control and monitoring operations.

Award-Winning Mid-Cat Modules for Telematics and Fleet Management


Telit’s LE910 module family offers 4G radio access in the 28.2 x 28.2 x 2.2 mm family form factor. They are compliant with 3GPP Rel 9 and 10, available with 2G/3G fallback and in a standard mPCIe form factor, making this series suitable for any telematics or fleet management IoT solution.

Optimize Your Fleet Operations

Today’s fleet operations often involve numerous mobile network carriers across multiple regions, all participating in a complex telematics ecosystem. With Telit’s IoT connectivity solutions for telematics and fleet management, you can reduce the management overhead required to get real-time information about vehicle operation on a global scale. This information can drive benefits for you and your customers but must  have a light management burden, particularly for fleets operating across country borders.


Optimize Routes and Increase Productivity

Telematics-enabled fleet management integrates dynamic mapping and real-time traffic information with vehicle-specific information. Fleet managers can select and direct the best routes under any conditions, leading to greater productivity.


Control Fuel Costs

By keeping tabs on fuel consumption related to driver behavior and driving conditions, fleet telematics empowers fleet managers to make the best routing and fuel purchase decisions and keep fuel costs down.


Reduce Operational Expenses

Telematics helps reduce fleet operation expenses through lower fuel consumption, better asset management, optimized routing and safer driving.


Improve Driver Safety

By gathering data and providing feedback about individual driver behavior along with real-time driving conditions, IoT-enabled telematics solutions help drivers improve their driving and stay safer on the road.


Increase Fleet Security

Real-time asset tracking and driver identification tools ensure that valuable fleet assets are always secure. IoT connectivity over multiple cellular networks enables stolen vehicle tracking and recovery with reliable instant notifications and location abilities using GPS.


Remotely Diagnose Fleet Maintenance Requirements

Sensors on vehicles deliver detailed information, including real-time alerts, about a vehicle’s health. These alerts allow for timely and proactive intervention and facilitate and streamline maintenance planning.

Enrich the Customer Experience

In addition to making fleet operations safer and more cost-effective, telematics enables new services across industries that can significantly improve customer satisfaction.


Rental car companies use telematics to enhance customer service for traditional rentals, create new services and revenue streams, increase efficiency and provide faster emergency responsiveness.


Insurance providers use vehicle telematics data to analyze driving patterns, encourage safe driving and reward customers with lower premiums for good driving behavior. Learn how usage-based insurance IoT solutions are helping insurance companies reward safe driving and restructure insurance premiums.


Car manufacturers use telematics to offer remote diagnostic and safety services for a vehicle’s lifetime, leading to stronger customer relationships and, of course, to collect data for improvement of product development to better align with buyer driving and usage behavior.

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Transform Your Fleet Management

To reap the full potential of telematics and enhance business decision-making, companies need to ensure data plan overages and the cost of managing various subscriptions and roaming agreements do not offset the benefits from extracting and monitoring vehicle-related data to integrate it with business applications. Telit telematics IoT global SIM cards and data plans allow you to connect, monitor and manage vehicle operations from a single centralized web-based IoT portal that seamlessly integrates with your enterprise applications.

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