Telematics/Fleet Management

Improve fleet operation and enable new vehicle services

Telematics is transforming business operations and customer engagement. Companies that manage fleets can use fleet telematics to collect real-time information such as vehicle behavior, fuel usage, speed, mileage, and driver insights to increase productivity, reduce expenses, and improve safety.

Put your data to work

With Telit’s IoT solutions for telematics and fleet management, you can get real-time information about vehicle operation to:

  • Optimize routes and increase productivity.
  • Control fuel costs.
  • Reduce operational expenses.
  • Improve driver safety.
  • Increase fleet security.
  • Remotely diagnose maintenance requirements.

Improve the customer experience

In addition to making fleet operations safer and more cost effective, telematics enables new services that can significantly impact customer satisfaction:

  • Rental car companies use vehicle telematics to provide enhanced customer service and faster emergency response.
  • Insurance providers use vehicle telematics data to analyze driving patterns, encourage safe driving, and reward customers with lower premiums for good driving behavior.
  • Car manufacturers also use telematics to offer remote diagnostic and safety services for the lifetime of a vehicle and to build better relationships with their customers.
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Transform Your Fleet Management

To reap the full potential of telematics and make informed business decisions, companies need a way to extract and monitor data and integrate it with business applications. Telit enables IoT solutions that allow you to connect, monitor, and manage vehicle operation from a centralized web-based IoT portal that seamlessly integrates with enterprise applications.