Solutions for IoT-Based Smart Energy Meters

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The Benefits of Smart Metering

Smart metering is one of the first steps to developing city-wide smart grid systems that help address challenges surrounding energy consumption and water usage. By providing real-time data on electricity and gas usage, smart meters allow utility providers to optimize energy distribution while also empowering consumers to make smarter decisions about their energy usage. With IoT solutions for smart metering, you can help improve customer service and your bottom line through actionable insights developed from meter data.

Change the way you think about energy distribution

With IoT-ready smart meters, your company will have access to rich, real-time data that enables you to provide better service while reducing costs and boosting profit:

  • Effectively balance electric loads and reduce power outages.
  • Streamline energy distribution through more accurate forecasting.
  • Enable dynamic pricing by raising or lowering costs based on real-time demand.

Help consumers make smarter decisions about energy usage

With smart meter technology, utilities can also empower their customers to make smarter decisions about their energy usage by:

  • Providing helpful and detailed feedback on energy consumption using precise, real-time data from their smart meter.
  • Improving transparency on monthly energy bills through offering more accurate pricing based on usage.
  • Enabling them to adjust their habits based on this information in order to reduce monthly electric bills.
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Enable New Services to Improve Your Bottom Line

In addition to helping utility companies provide more transparency for their customers, smart meters allow for a range of valued-added services such as remote updates and service changes. If you want to get the most out of smart meter technology, partner with Telit when building your IoT solutions for smart energy.

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