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An RF Designer’s Guide to Smart Metering Applications

Smart Metering RF Design Challenges 

With grid modernization high on the agenda, smart meters are delivering key insights into grid performance. Data gathered from millions of endpoints requires highly reliable and efficient wireless communication.  

Reliability and accurate data backhaul are critical for smart metering applications and devices to be effective. Combining secure cellular IoT modules and connectivity with advanced radio frequency (RF) design is essential to making a smart, efficient utility investment.  

Smart meter manufacturers and meter solution providers are faced with multiple RF design challenges: 

  • Choosing the most appropriate RF technology for a given geography 
  • Optimizing designs for multiple radio frequencies for power and efficiency 
  • Radio performance approvals 

Telit Cinterion and Ignion have partnered to create a guide for smart meter design, helping hardware makers overcome challenges. 

Key Takeaways 

In this webinar, Telit Cinterion and Ignion will discuss smart meter design examples. They will delve into the challenges and innovations that have defined its evolution.  

You will discover the pivotal role of cellular technology in addressing smart meter communication needs. Telit Cinterion and Ignion will uncover cellular technology’s roadmap for long-term deployments. 

This webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the modules, connectivity and RF design considerations for smart meter applications. These experts will explore design practices, antenna integration and choosing the right technology for metering solutions. They will navigate the complexities and trends shaping the industry.  

You will learn:  

  • Why cellular is the communication method of choice for modern deployments 
  • How to integrate the communication board with the main PCB for optimal performance 
  • How to combine mainstream LTE bands with 450 MHz in one solution 
  • The challenges of environmental factors and how to overcome them 
  • Best practices for regulatory, industry and mobile network operator certifications 
  • Overcoming power management challenges with the right module and connectivity solutions 
  • Future trends in smart metering with RF integration