IoT in Healthcare: Smart Healthcare and Medical IoT Applications

Improve health outcomes and reduce costs

As the healthcare industry changes, there are new concerns about privacy and cost management. To achieve new levels of efficiency and accuracy while protecting patient privacy and ensuring regulatory compliance, healthcare providers need real-time visibility into diagnostic data, patient records, inventory, health alerts, and more. Telit IoT healthcare solutions provides the right tools to help healthcare providers better allocate their time to patient care.

IoT Applications for Healthcare

Health Monitoring

Track vitals and monitor health status indicators of your patients remotely to improve outcomes.


Develop revenue-generating smart wearables that offer health monitoring and fitness tracking.

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Change Lives with Real-Time Health Data

The Internet of Things is making it possible to connect patients and devices to enable actionable insights that improve patient care and help control costs. Telit enables IoT solutions that make it easy to securely monitor data while ensuring accuracy and patient privacy.