IoT-Enabled Remote Health Monitoring Solutions

Health care professionals and device manufacturers are harnessing the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve patient experiences through remote health condition monitoring.

Provide Better Patient Monitoring Capabilities

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Real-Time Visibility

Health care providers expect real-time visibility into medical information, including diagnostic data and patient records.

Build your smart health care solutions with technologies that deliver the greatest medical IoT benefits to health care providers.

Obstetrics and gynaecology in the field of IoT smart healthcare.

Improve Operational Efficiency

IoT empowers providers to offer new services and increase operational efficiency through remote health monitoring:

  • Access real-time patient data to improve visibility and support
  • Serve more patients by allowing some to return home to finish treatment and monitor them remotely
  • Offer independent living solutions for the aging and disabled
A tablet displaying an image of a heart for remote health monitoring.

Enhance Patient Experience

Remote health condition monitoring is changing how patients receive vital health care. Real-time tracking for vitals and other health statuses impacts patient outcomes and reduces costs:

  • Providers can make smarter decisions about treatment to prevent emergencies and hospital readmissions
  • Patients can extend care through at-home services, reducing hospital stay costs

Featured Health Monitoring Studies

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Simplifying Remote Patient Monitoring with IoT

Medisanté launched a direct-to-cloud medical platform called the Medisanté Hub. This solution leverages our cellular LTE modules and connectivity services to provide health care teams with secure, global access to real-time health data.

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Blunotte Cloud Intelligent Mechanical Ventilator

SXT needed our IoT connectivity, modules and platforms for their Blunotte Cloud automated CPAP ventilator solution. With our IoT enablement, Blunotte Cloud can use any operator’s network in Italy and other European countries.

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blood pressure device with connectivity
SXT's Blunotte Cloud CPAP ventilator uses Telit IoT modules, connectivity and platforms.

Improve Patient Outcomes and Your Bottom Line

Speak to our connected health care experts to learn what we can do for your IoT remote health condition monitoring solutions.

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