Precision Farming

Support sustainable growth while cutting costs

As the world's population continues to increase so does the demand for food, placing pressure on the world’s farmers to improve efficiency and cut costs while boosting crop yields. Farmers are also faced with challenges such as a changing climate, limited water supply, and dwindling fossil fuels. The Internet of Things (IoT) is helping change the way that farmers work through precision farming, a farm management concept that uses sensors, data, and network communication to tailor the farming system to the specific conditions of each field. The result is a more efficient system that promotes sustainable growth while cutting costs.

Optimize farming processes using real-time data

With precision farming, farmers generate data via sensors and analyze the information to evaluate current practices and make improvements for greater efficiency and effectiveness. There are a variety of smart farming applications including crop observation, vehicle tracking, irrigation management, livestock management, and storage monitoring.

  • Monitor and control irrigation management to maximize efficiency, reduce waste, and cut down on operational costs.
  • Use precision agriculture to measure and respond to inter and intra-field variability in crops.
  • Track data, trends, and conditions to determine which seeds to plant and when to harvest.
  • Control pests and utilize organic farming techniques such as pheromone delivery to disrupt mating patterns.

Put your data to work

IoT solutions for precision farming allow for real-time monitoring to collect valuable data that can have a significant impact on operational efficiency. This has a range of diverse applications for farming systems:

  • Monitor and analyze soil conditions and other changing parameters to optimize crop yields.
  • Develop tracking solutions that allow farmers to monitor livestock, vehicles, and other farming resources in remote areas.
  • Use connected devices to detect water and nutrient deficits for timely interventions.
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