Enabling IoT Remote Crop and Livestock Monitoring Solutions

Smart Farming Enables Real-Time Monitoring of Fields and Livestock

Smart farming using the Internet of Things (IoT) makes it possible for farmers and growers to optimize their crop yields and promote livestock health by enabling remote monitoring and data-driven decision making. With a decrease in the amount of land available for farm use and an ever-growing concern about water resource availability, farmers need to be smart about their crop and livestock monitoring to improve yields, minimize waste, farm more sustainably and reduce overall costs.

Optimize Crop Yields with Data-Driven Insights

Agricultural crop monitoring using IoT has the potential to improve farming and food production by increasing crop yields, enhancing product quality, aiding in resource conservation and helping farmers better control costs. Here are just a few ways farmers use real-time data taken from smart farming IoT solutions to optimize crop yields:


Optimize Harvest Timing through Analytics

Gather data on soil quality, moisture levels and weather conditions to plan sowing and harvesting for optimal times.


Avoid Crop Damage with Data-Driven Insights

Use weather forecasts to boost productivity and take preventative measures that decrease the chances of crop damage.


Predict and Avoid Pests for Higher Crop Yields

Monitor environmental parameters and plant growth to predict pest behavior and address any pending pest issues before they impact crops.


Irrigation Management

Analyze and manage crop irrigation requirements for more sustainable water usage and less water waste.

Monitor Livestock Health with IoT-Enabled Livestock Management Apps

Each year, farmers lose significant amounts of profit due to animal illnesses. There are many ways IoT-enabled livestock management solutions allow farmers to promote better livestock health:


Remote livestock monitoring sensors

Connected sensors in livestock wearables enable farmers to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, temperature, digestion and other vitals around the clock.


Access real-time cloud data

Data streamed to the cloud directly from wearables allows farmers to identify and address issues like illness and feeding problems before they significantly impact the herd’s health.


Monitor livestock reproductive cycles

Livestock monitoring IoT solutions help farmers keep track of livestock reproductive cycles and the calving process to promote safer and more successful outcomes.


Track cattle locations from anywhere

IoT sensors can be used to track an animal’s location, which can help locate sick animals and establish and optimize grazing patterns.

Practice Smart Farming While Cutting Operational Costs

If you are in the business of smart farming and agriculture solutions, helping farmers and growers improve the way they monitor and manage crops and livestock through rich, real-time, data-driven insights, partner with the IoT experts at Telit to get your smart crop and livestock management solutions to market faster, with richer features, higher quality, durability and ruggedness.

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