SD-WAN Networks for the Enterprise

Efficient, Secure Business Operations Begin with Corporate Network Infrastructure

As corporate network bandwidth, security, latency, quality of service, scalability and ease of connectivity demands increase, software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WANs) are emerging as a promising alternative to private multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) and other traditional networks. Today’s corporate network infrastructure has grown to include all the connected computers, mobile devices, servers and hardware used to receive and transmit critical data between users within a secure framework.

Today’s data-driven organizations must ensure their business-critical information, applications and services are accessible when and where they’re needed ― rapidly and securely. SD-WAN networks use software to link an enterprise’s distributed physical locations and connected assets with its data center to efficiently, securely and intelligently direct traffic across combined multiple branch links based on policy-driven WAN management.

Enterprises have traditionally relied on private networks (MPLS) to access mission-critical applications and business management systems in their private data centers. However, the move to cloud-based systems and the increased demand on network capacity, resilience and flexibility due to the proliferation of digitized communication types, big data and IoT devices are straining private enterprise networks. Private networks are becoming untenable for many enterprises due to their escalating operating costs, reduced quality of service and performance, and slowness in implementing needed network upgrades.

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SD-WAN for Secure and Reliable Connectivity

SD-WANs present a promising alternative to private networks. These networks provide the global enterprise an MPLS-grade software-defined private network that can be implemented easily through their local internet service provider (ISP). SD-WAN offers:

  • Cost-effective, fast and reliable access regardless of site location in the world
  • Simple and easy access to cloud and corporate software as a service (SaaS) providers
  • Scalability on demand, simple and quick to deploy
  • Access to a wide range of connectivity channels, including public internet, cellular broadband, MPLS and 5G
  • The ability to customize enterprise bandwidth and connectivity to meet specific quality of service (QoS) for applications and services
  • Multisystem policy definition and management, eliminating the need for single device configuration

SD-WAN offers organizations the opportunity to take advantage of today’s connectivity technology options while still maintaining the control, security and reliability they value in their on-campus network infrastructure to ensure that data flows where and when it is needed.

The Next Stage in the Evolution of Corporate Networking

New connectivity options are poised to meet the rising security, QoS, bandwidth and latency demands of today’s data-driven enterprises.


Broadband Networks and 5G: A Wireless Alternative to MPLS

Although wired MPLS has long been an enterprise networking workhorse, it is expensive and struggles to keep up with today’s quickly evolving mission-critical cloud-based and SaaS applications, including streaming video and time- and latency-sensitive applications like voice and secure transactions. Advancements in wireless broadband and the advent of 5G capabilities create new possibilities for dramatically increased transmission speeds, especially in uplink, and improved transmission quality without the high cost of private networks based only on MPLS.

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Private 5G and Private LTE: A New Option for Corporate Networks

Many enterprises have turned to private LTE ― dedicated wireless networks with the capability to evolve to 5G ― to take advantage of the expanded coverage, seamless roaming and flexibility these networks offer. These networks are especially appropriate for certain IoT applications in specific industries or verticals, such as industrial manufacturing, utilities and mining. With the advent of 5G, these networks will have even greater speed and transmission capabilities and offer a viable option for enterprises looking for the added security and control that private wireless networks provide.

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Secure Operations in a High-Risk Environment

SD-WAN solutions safely connect distributed physical locations and link remote areas through customized bandwidth and connectivity. Enhanced security and network-wide encryption ensure that your data is protected in every corner of your network. Zero-trust network capabilities challenge, resolve and authenticate every device, shielding your network from cyberattacks.


Network Reliability and Consistency to Ensure that SLAs Are Met

Enhanced visibility, scalability, performance and control equip SD-WAN with the power to simplify and accelerate enterprise connectivity and reduce outages while lowering costs. Higher performance and lower costs ensure you can meet customer expectations.


Higher Speeds to Drive Business Outcomes at Any Level

5G technology combines with existing SD-WAN frameworks to achieve transmission speeds and performance that deliver unparalleled benefits across the enterprise, boosting your competitive advantage while reducing deployment costs.