Oil and Gas IoT-Enabled Solutions

How Can IoT Help Ensure Safe Oil and Gas Extraction and Delivery?

Oil and gas companies are turning to the Internet of Things (IoT) to help them ensure safety and security in the extraction and delivery of valuable oil and gas resources. Extracting and transporting fuels from the source to the refinery to the end-user is as complicated as it is critical. There are many points to monitor, from drilling equipment to pipelines, trucks, trains, boats and tanks. Each one is as critical and potentially dangerous as the next.

Telit’s IoT modules, software and platforms enable oil and gas solutions to cover a broad swath of applications, from monitoring container levels to sensing equipment status to determining when to perform maintenance. These connected solutions contribute to a more efficient and responsive infrastructure and help the oil and gas supply chain be more efficient and safer.

Optimize Industrial IoT in Oil and Gas Production

More and more oil and gas companies are using IoT deployments to access and make use of supply chain data to achieve the following benefits:

Reduce Costly Truck Rolls

Monitor oil and gas tank sensors to ensure that trucks are dispatched to the tank location only when levels reach set refill levels.

Increase Rig Production

Avoid costly downtime by proactively monitoring refinery and rig equipment status.

Improve Employee Safety

Monitor operating conditions of pumps and connected pipelines to prevent accidents before they happen.

Manage Assets Better, End-to-End

Implement predictive asset management to track sensor-monitored equipment health and performance, optimizing use and maintenance schedules of trucks, tanks and rigs.

Limit Impact on the Environment

IoT solutions enable real-time monitoring and data collection that ensure rigs, trucks, tanks and pipelines are functioning correctly and offer visibility to catch issues before they become a problem. Solutions like IoT systems that monitor the health and integrity of sacrificial anodes on pipelines increase productivity over time, inhibiting pipeline rusting that can lead to spills and service interruptions. It also reduces the negative environmental impact of a line rust rupture and subsequent spill to achieve corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals.

Use Real-Time Data to Maximize Performance

With IoT, oil and gas companies can collect essential information from connected equipment to maximize supply chain productivity, efficiency and security:

  • Distributors can get current and accurate information about the product level in containers and tanks, proactively replacing and refilling them to meet needs and prevent shortages.
  • Operations teams can use sensor data and analytics to evaluate and predict the health and potential failure of rigs and other critical equipment components in the field, avoiding costly disruptions.
  • Companies can monitor connected pipelines and local conditions to determine when an automatic shutdown of equipment is necessary to prevent catastrophe.

Increase Efficiency and Boost ROI

Data access is the conduit for providing real-time information to increase efficiency and improve performance. We can help you add public and private cellular-connected monitoring capabilities to new assets and those already in the field but not adequately connected and integrate them into the existing IT infrastructure. Telit enables IoT solutions for the oil and gas industry that offer simple access to tank, pipeline and equipment information ― allowing companies to make better decisions to avoid shortages, prevent accidents and be more responsive in crises.

Intelligent Sensing Anywhere: Efficient Management of Oil and Gas

Intelligent Sensing Anywhere (ISA) is a leader in remote monitoring solutions for the oil and gas industry, helping their customers understand how end users are using their energy sources. By integrating Telit IoT modules into its solution portfolio, ISA can provide its customers with reliable access so they can leverage the information they need to serve their customers better.