Optimize production and safe delivery of critical resources

Extracting and transporting fuels from the source to the refinery to the end user is as complex as it is critical. Drilling equipment, pipelines, trucks, trains, boats, tanks – there are so many points to monitor along the way, with each one as critical, and potentially dangerous, as the next. Today’s oil and gas companies are turning to the Internet of Things (IoT) to help ensure safety and security of the production and delivery of these valuable resources.  

Optimize oil and gas production

More and more oil and gas companies are using IoT deployments to access and make use of data throughout the supply chain to:

  • Reduce costly truck rolls.
  • Increase production.
  • Improve safety.
  • Prevent costly critical issues.

Use data to maximize productivity

With IoT, oil and gas companies can collect important information from connected equipment to maximize productivity and profit:

  • Distributors can get accurate information on the level of containers and use this data to optimize the replacement and refilling of tanks to prevent shortages.
  • Operations teams can use sensor data and analytics to predict the failure of critical components in the field, preventing costly disruptions.
  • Companies can monitor connected machinery and local conditions to determine when an automatic shutdown of equipment is necessary to avoid catastrophe.
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Increase Efficiency and Boost ROI

Add monitoring capabilities to assets already in the field and integrate them into your existing IT infrastructure to create a single view of the supply chain. Telit enables IoT solutions for oil and gas that offer simple access to tank, pipeline, and equipment information that allows companies to make better decisions to avoid shortages, prevent accidents, and respond in crisis situations.