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OneEdge is an innovative module-embedded software system with pre-packaged, secure, easy-to-use deployment and management tools.

OneEdge dramatically simplifies design, deployment and management of IoT products and solutions—so you can leap ahead into the new 5G super-connected world.

Telit’s pre-provisioned OneEdge modules are fully tested and network certified, so they’re ready to connect to the cloud as soon as they’re activated. From a single pane, you can manage all your devices, connectivity and application data.


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The OneEdge system, with its comprehensive features and minimal or no graphical coding approach, has enabled us to concentrate more of our effort on understanding and meeting our customers’ needs, rather than committing too much internal resource onto non-core activities.

Mike Sharratt, CEO, TerOpta

We were looking for a reading and monitoring solution for the electricity meters on our cell sites in order to detect anomalies in usage that suggest problems in air condition and electricity theft to reduce the annual electricity expenses. We are very pleased with Telit OneEdge and the integration between Telit and Pelephone went smoothly, it leveraged our offering and increased our IoT services and market share."

Yaniv Shabat, Head of IoT, Pelephone

"We chose Telit’s OneEdge software with its ME910C1-WW module because they were the right choice for our IoT solution, providing LwM2M and FOTA. The secure and low battery consumption of the module together with their robust communication algorithms enabled us to develop a superior solution for the rough construction site environment."

Oran Weisz, Co-Founder & CEO, Greenvibe

Oran Weisz

"We came to Telit to solve our HTTP disconnection issues. In an hour, Telit OneEdge provided a fast analysis and a solution that required no R&D efforts. Moreover, with only five units, OneEdge has already saved us efforts with remote troubleshooting and solved issues encountered in the field."

Eran Keshet, CTO, Atomation

Eran Keshet

"Telit OneEdge is enabling us to create fast IoT end-to-end projects, which allows us to increase the number of projects and customers we can handle in parallel. In addition to providing us with tools to monitor our field-deployed units remotely, OneEdge helps us achieve fast time to market, which saves us money and resources in R&D. OneEdge has many features and capabilities, and we understand it’s a unique game-changer in the IoT market."

David Ezer, Founder & CEO, GateTel

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Telit OneEdge

Gets You Through the First Mile

Your IoT Deployment Journey Begins with the First Mile

In the world of IoT, everything starts at the edge, with the devices and the data they generate. That’s The First Mile of IoT™—and it’s an area many IoT platform providers ignore or undervalue. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, Telit is here to help you traverse the First Mile and to provide support for the rest of your IoT deployment journey.

From module to connectivity data plans to device management, Telit handles the IoT hardware, software, management services so you can focus on system and app design.


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OneEdge IoT Subscription Plans

Telit’s Primo and Lungo IoT as a service subscription plans can help you streamline and reduce the time and cost of adding IoT to your devices and services. With Primo and Lungo, you can transform your IoT investments into operating expenses to quickly launch IoT applications with the cellular module, software, services and network connectivity to accelerate digital business.

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5 Keys to Unlock Next-Generation Cellular IoT

Telit OneEdge
  • Define and build your edge device logic
  • Speed deployment
  • Optimize behavior & resource usage
  • Set control logic remotely
  • Leverage simplified cellular connection life-cycle management

5G Is In Our DNA

5G is here, and Telit OneEdge is ready. 5G adds network capacity, reduces latency and integrates 4G LTE-M and NB-IoT. And 5G makes it much easier to scale your IoT, with support for 100 times the number of connected devices per unit area compared to 4G.

By incorporating OneEdge into every edge device, you will be ready to take advantage of all the benefits of 5G. OneEdge gets you to market quickly, allowing you to scale as needed and manage all your devices with ease from a centralized interface. And OneEdge is the only IoT system with layered security built in at the point of manufacture, so you can be sure your IoT solution will be fully protected throughout its life cycle.

Advantages of Integrated SIM

Telit OneEdge features embedded SIM technology that offers these benefits:

  • You can easily update your SIM to switch to another carrier. Never warehouse and manage physical SIMs again.
  • Experience a reduction of footprint and manufacturing costs. No more SIM card tray, and no need to customize for regional applications.
  • Secure remote provisioning complies with GSMA specifications and boasts cryptographic-level security, so you can safely change connectivity providers on individual devices or fleets of devices.

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"Why the Key to IoT-Scale Lies at the Outer Limits of Your IoT Deployment"

How It Works

When you’re ready to implement a new product or service that depends on cellular connectivity, OneEdge simplifies the launch process.

Here’s what the journey looks like:

Step One

Design a product system that includes cellular modules, enabling worldwide wireless connection for each device in the network.

Step Two

Design the application and its logic using tools and software components, including clients based on industry-standard protocols, secure foundations, application frameworks and connectivity management logic.

Step Three

Subscribe to one of Telit’s flexible data plans, which are simple to monitor and manage.

Step Four

When integrating your devices, consider how you want your devices managed and your data captured, transformed and ingested. Telit's IoT platform offers device management capabilities for large-scale deployments with devices operating at a variety of transaction rates.

Step Five

Leverage OneEdge to seamlessly integrate the data from each device with your existing enterprise business systems — allowing you to run analytics, receive real-time reports, and more.

OneEdge brings each of your cellular IoT devices online easily, securely and quickly. We simplify the logistics of your IoT deployment — saving you time and lowering overall project costs.

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