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Telit OneEdge
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Want to go live with a cellular IoT solution but don’t want to waste a lot of time integrating connectivity components?

Nearly 80% of IoT projects fail from many issues including:

  • Slow implementation and steep learning curve delays time to value
  • Cumbersome wireless connectivity logistics
  • Time-consuming and costly provisioning
  • Unsafe patchwork security solutions
  • High costs for enterprise integration
Telit OneEdge

Accelerate your time to market with a secure, prepackaged software suite embedded within data efficient cellular IoT modules

Incorporate Telit OneEdge in your design, and your IoT solution will be born ready

Why Telit OneEdge?

  • Faster time to revenue with simplified development
  • End-to-end, built-in security that protects solutions from the IoT edge to the IoT platform
  • Streamlined management, including zero-touch provisioning and remote management for lower operational costs

Five Keys to Unlock Next-Generation Cellular IoT

OneEdge features five core components which combine to provide an all-in-one solution for your cellular IoT challenges.


Greatly simplifies onboarding (zero-touch), remote provisioning and configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting.


Speed deployment, optimize behavior and resource usage, automates most operations involved in connecting to cellular networks, and allows you to define and build your own IoT edge applications.


Configurable and allows seamless data delivery to the enterprise.
Telit OneEdge


Pre-provisioned and personalized at the time of manufacture. OneEdge security includes end-to-end protection of the device, transport and platform.


Includes an integrated SIM with carrier switch options, secure remote provisioning (GSMA compliant), and a fully integrated dashboard for simplified management.

5G Is In Our DNA

5G is coming, and Telit OneEdge is ready. 5G will add network capacity, reduce latency and integrate 4G LTE-M and NB-IoT. 5G will make it much easier to scale your IoT, with support for 100 times the number of connected devices per unit area compared to 4G.


By incorporating OneEdge into every edge device, you will be ready to take advantage of all the benefits of 5G. OneEdge gets you to market fast, allowing you to scale as needed and manage all your devices with ease from a centralized dashboard. Plus, OneEdge is the only IoT system with layered security built in at the point of manufacture, so you can be sure your IoT solution will be fully protected throughout its life cycle.

Advantages of Integrated SIM

Telit OneEdge features embedded SIM technology that offers these benefits:

  • You can easily update your SIM to switch to another carrier; never warehouse & manage physical SIMs again
  • Experience a reduction of footprint and manufacturing costs; no more SIM card tray, and no need to customize for regional applications,
  • Secure remote provisioning complies with GSMA specifications and boasts cryptographic-level security, so you can safely change connectivity providers on individual devices or fleets of devices.

Activate, Connect, & Start Achieving IoT ROI

Telit’s preconnected OneEdge modules are fully tested and network certified, so they’re ready to connect to the cloud as soon as they’re activated. From a single dashboard, you can manage all your devices, connectivity and application data—there’s no need to integrate other devices or management platforms.

When you incorporate Telit OneEdge in the ideation stage of your IoT solution development, you will be able to:

  • Speed and simplify deployment of your cellular IoT solutions
  • Smoothly scale your deployments as needed
  • Ensure quality of service to your business applications
  • Optimize total cost of ownership (TCO) and processes throughout your product life cycle
  • Enable intelligent communications in every “thing” at the edge
  • Adapt to the new era of NB-IoT/CAT-M

IoT Device Designers Need

Telit OneEdge Delivers

End-to-End Security

Security built in at the manufacturing stage

Device Management

Simplified lifecycle management

Management Tools

Cellular connections take care of themselves

Quality of Service

Remote management
and decision-making built into devices

device-to-cloud integration

Automatic device discovery
and plug-and-play integration

Faster Provisioning

Zero-touch onboarding

Wireless Connectivity

Support for multiple carriers

Faster Time to Market

Accelerated implementations
with streamlined onboarding

Edge hardware maintenance & management to keep pace with changing hardware, protocols, capabilities & more

Integrated hardware and software that reduces costs and simplifies logistics

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