OneEdge Primo and Lungo Subscription Plans

The OneEdge Primo and Lungo subscription plans are industry-first IoT as a service plans that transform nearly all IoT integrations into an operating expense.

OneEdge Primo and Lungo IoT subscription plans, powered by Telit Cinterion, enable businesses to launch IoT applications quickly and cost-effectively with:

  • Cellular modules
  • Software
  • Services and network connectivity

These packaged service plans for connectivity and OneEdge reduce the complexity of adding IoT to devices and services for consumer and enterprise applications.

On the table, Primo and Luno are displayed.

Lungo Plan

The Lungo plan includes:

  • ME910C1 LTE Category M1/NB1 module
  • Extensive connectivity
  • Comprehensive security
  • Device and connectivity management
  • Data orchestration features

Primo Plan

The Primo plan provides:

  • Mobile data connectivity
  • Complete data orchestration
  • Device and connectivity management
  • Security features
  • Works on any existing or separately purchased OneEdge-capable module

More Information

Maximize Efficiency with Lightweight M2M

The Primo and Lungo plans come with our IoT management portal. The portal leverages the Lightweight M2M (LwM2M) protocol. LwM2M reduces power and data consumption in response to the growing demands of IoT — especially massive IoT in 5G — to help you manage your devices and data. Compared to MQTT, LwM2M provides better speed, power and data efficiency, and security at scale.

We can work with you to find the best plan for your business needs if you need something other than what the Primo and Lungo plans offer.

Create and Manage IoT Project Budgets Easily

Primo and Lungo utilize fixed pricing, empowering businesses to create and manage IoT project budgets. These plans are ideal for greenfield and proof-of-concept projects.

Telit IoT Connectivity

Get one-touch access to your global connectivity network with IoT connectivity plans and management solutions. Our IoT connectivity tools and resources efficiently get your deployment to market, regardless of scale or stage. Get scalable IoT connectivity, global visibility and granular control down to the individual SIM.

Accelerate Digital Business

Speak with a Telit IoT connectivity expert to select the IoT subscription plan that’s right for you or request an IoT connectivity starter kit.

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