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Detectronic: Managing Strained Wastewater Networks

When nothing less than 100% will do: Solutions from Telit help Detectronic ensure accurate measurement and reporting to wastewater depths and flow rates.

Wastewater and water quality management came to the fore in the U.K. and U.S. at the start of the 19th century. Innovations in technology have helped transition this vital industry. However, strained wastewater networks are facing pressure from:

  • Aging infrastructure
  • Urban growth
  • Increasing extreme weather

Forward-thinking applications involving low-cost sensors mass deployed across wastewater networks enable businesses and utilities to meet water and energy goals. As the demand for and use of low-cost sensors rises, reliable connectivity for remote management is critical.

Ultrasonic Wastewater Flow and Level Monitoring: Reducing Costs and Improving Process Efficiencies for the Water Industry

Global wastewater monitoring specialists, Detectronic, have designed a range of products, including their latest low-cost sensor — the LIDoTT® Smart. Detectronic’s innovations enable regulatory and environmental compliance while improving process efficiencies and reducing costs. Their solution portfolio includes:

  • Data loggers
  • Sewer network monitoring systems
  • Wastewater flow meters
  • Water level sensors
  • Water quality monitoring

The Challenge to Ensure the Delivery of Critical Data to the Cloud

The LIDoTT Smart System is an intrinsically safe, cost-effective solution comprising the LIDoTT Smart data logger and LIDoTT Sensor. This system is designed for long-term sewer network monitoring. When the sewer network is stressed, the sensor automatically switches modes from level to depth.

The LIDoTT Smart System is installed in maintenance holes above the flow to be measured within the sewer network. LIDoTT’s narrow ultrasonic beam delivers high-quality level data with millimetric precision throughout normal operation and minor weather-induced events. Detectronic’s existing embedded modems and data loggers had a 20% failure rate, which was 20% too high.

Recognizing the need for reliable connectivity to ensure the delivery of critical data to the cloud, Detectronic deployed the following Telit solutions:

NExT network logo.
Telit’s cloud-native mobile core network enables enhanced turnkey connectivity and device management services. NExT provides Detectronic products with seamless roaming coverage and solutions allowing flexible and reliable connectivity. This global, dedicated IoT network offers access to over 600 networks in 190 countries. NExT enables visibility and control over cellular IoT or mobile broadband deployments. IoT devices can be deployed from one user-friendly connectivity dashboard. Telit NExT optimizes costs regardless of device location with one contract and one simple bill. NExT provides the manageability and scalability IoT deployments need.
OneEdge logo
This module-embedded software system comes prepackaged with tools for secure, user-friendly deployment and management. OneEdge simplifies IoT product and solution design, deployment and management and prepares the way for 5G. Telit’s preprovisioned OneEdge ME910C1 module connects to the cloud upon activation. Devices and data can be managed from a single pane to decrease power consumption and maximize uplink and downlink data rates to approximately 300 kbps

“Our devices are predominantly located in vast sewer networks. It is essential to have a reliable way for our devices to seamlessly connect and transmit data to our cloud data portal at regular intervals. With many of our sensors located underground where cellular signals are weak, we require solutions to ensure a strong and consistent network connection. That’s why we work with Telit.”

Neil Butler, Managing Director, Detectronic

Achieving 100% Success

Detectronic’s LIDoTT Smart System has a 100% success rate in delivering data to the cloud portal. This data delivery saves time and money in revisiting sites to add signal enhancers or move the device to another location. With the switch from ultrasonic to pressure sensor being a seamless transition with no deadband area, there is always continuous data. This provides Detectronic with a clear competitive advantage.

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