In the world of consumer Internet access, bridging the last mile means stretching the cable from the curb to the house to link a customer with the web. It’s an image that evokes reaching out to make a final connection—sending data and audiovisual content from the cloud or servers to the outer reaches of the network.


In the world of IoT, that order is reversed. Everything starts at the edge, with the devices and the data they generate. That’s The First Mile of IoT™—and it’s an area many IoT platform providers ignore or undervalue.

The IoT promises better decision-making based on analytics applications—but you can’t run analytics if you can’t access the data.

Making Products and
Systems Wireless

The initial challenge of the first mile™ is connecting devices—anything from small sensors to industrial machinery, trucks, buildings, or factories. These devices could be physically linked to the network, but a wireless connection can more easily deliver on the promise of IoT digital transformation.


Wireless connections require new layers of technology integration, including enterprise-grade cellular modules, SIMs, and data cards that can provide dependable, wireless connectivity.

First Mile

Resilient devices based on industry standards that can adapt easily to global markets and protocols are part of The First Mile of IoT™, as they roam across regions and networks.

Managing Devices and Data

The first mile™ includes devices at the edge and the data they generate. The ever-growing plethora of data sources requires streamlined integration to many different existing communication methods or protocols. With myriad device types, data formats, and business applications at play, organizations must find ways to bridge the data divide—making devices and platforms interoperable.

Intelligent Edge

Rather than sending every piece of information on to the cloud, devices must be “smart” enough to transmit only actionable data, when and where it’s needed...this requires edge intelligence.

And data must be curated before it can cross The First Mile of IoT™. Rather than sending every piece of information on to the cloud, devices must be “smart” enough to transmit only actionable data, when and where it’s needed. This requires edge intelligence to extract, alarm, normalize, transform, and transfer the data. Without such intelligence embedded in edge devices, organizations are strapped with excessive wireless costs and inefficient operations.

Streamlined Integration from The First Mile of IoT™ to the Last

What if your device data is headed for third-party analytics or cloud applications such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, or SAP HANA? In order to travel that last mile successfully, devices in the first mile™ must be able to deposit IoT data directly into the software applications that drive new and evolving business processes.

Global IoT Ecosystem

From module to connectivity data plans to device management, Telit handles the IoT hardware, software, management portals and tools so customers can focus on system and app design.

Our team of experts is always available to provide advice, and our customers can tap into a rich global IoT ecosystem of device suppliers, system integrators, and applications.

The first mile is the most important part of the IoT race. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, Telit is here to help you traverse it—and to provide support along the rest of your IoT deployment journey.

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