What Is Connected Module as a Service?

March 19, 2024

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Connected module as a service packages are flexible and comprehensive, comprising cellular modules, connectivity plans and management tools. They are delivered as a service under one contract with monthly recurring costs. These packages represent how various markets have evolved toward selling services in a subscription model.

Streamline Your Deployment with NExT™ Connected Module
Surveillance technology and urban monitoring with camera equipment, traffic analysis and pedestrian oversight.

Connected module packages can redefine how businesses approach IoT, easing the efforts needed to start an IoT project. They are optimal for businesses with global IoT deployments in various verticals, including:

These packages offer service providers the flexibility, low-speed cellular technology and global coverage they need for their solutions.

5 Benefits of Connected Module as a Service 

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Connected module as a service packages provide several benefits, including:

  1. Operating expenditure (OpEx) business model vs. capital expenditure (CapEx)
  2. Streamlined products that are optimized to work together
  3. One supplier for support and service
  4. One logistic process
  5. One management platform

The leading advantage is that the customer buys everything from one supplier. Having one source for modules, connectivity and management tools is far more efficient than managing a multivendor environment. Leveraging connected module as a service packages empowers businesses to eliminate this complexity.

From an operational perspective, there is only one purchase order, invoice and price when using connected module packages. The cost of the module makes up a large portion of the device.

However, connected module packages include hardware in the service offer. This removes much of the upfront capital investment and moves to an OpEx business model. Best-in-class offerings will include one platform to manage devices, SIMs and connectivity to help companies simplify operations.

These packages also reduce technical headaches, as all parts of the offering are optimized to work together. Leading vendors will give their customers one device and connectivity portal for enhanced control and management of global IoT deployments. 

Moving CapEx to OpEx

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Many organizations eager to adopt IoT struggle to improve profit margins due to a lack of flexibility and predictability in budgeting. These businesses are stuck with the complex CapEx plus OpEx model.

However, connected module packages bundle everything together, giving companies access to flexible business models, meaning they can move CapEx into OpEx. These packages deliver full IoT enablement since the service provider finances the CapEx for the module. This enables businesses to figure the end-to-end solution as OpEx. Moreover, this model frees capital resources for companies, allowing them to invest in growth rather than maintaining inventory.

NExT Connected Module, powered by Telit Cinterion, provides connected module as a service packages to simplify and elevate IoT solution development. Our solution connects to our connectivity by design approach, combining cellular modules, connectivity solutions and management tools from the start of the IoT project.

This flexible offering delivers cellular modules, connectivity services and management tools under one contract starting at $0.89 per month. NExT Connected Module offers cellular LPWA and cellular LTE packages in different tiers to accommodate your needs. These packages blend:

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  • Technology
  • Coverage
  • Management tools
  • Business-friendly OpEx commercial terms

Furthermore, with NExT Connected Module, Telit Cinterion optimizes the connectivity profile so that the module automatically chooses the best MNO when roaming. These packages fulfill our vision to enable any cellular device with secure connectivity anywhere, anytime.

Telit Cinterion is a trusted partner and leader in the evolving IoT landscape. We have been on a mission to bring secure, always-on connectivity across verticals.

Speak with our IoT connectivity experts to determine the best connected module package for your IoT project.