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Streamline Your Deployment with NExT Connected Module

NExT Connected Module, powered by Telit Cinterion, comprises comprehensive connected module as a service packages that simplify and enhance IoT solution development. Our connectivity-by-design approach integrates connectivity into the project from the beginning. This approach empowers you to tackle complexities and deployment issues at each stage. 

These cost-effective packages offer flexibility and resilient connectivity. Every challenge you face in your IoT journey can be resolved with one focal point for support and service.  

Selecting cellular modules delivered with connectivity ensures seamless operation. This complete solution enhances the ease of technical and business deployment management. It combines hardware, connectivity and services into one contract and bill. 

LPWA and LTE Connected Module as a Service Packages 

Our LPWA and LTE packages offer IoT modules and cellular connectivity to simplify operations and increase profits. They cater to multiple industry applications, including:

LPWA Package 

Telit Cinterion ME310G1 cellular LPWA module.

LTE Package 

Telit Cinterion ELS62 cellular LTE module.
  • ELS62 module 
  • SIM card 
  • NExT global connectivity plan 
  • NExTPro™ connectivity management portal
  • Device management 

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