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Revolutionizing IoT Solutions: NExT™ Connected Module

In the evolving IoT solution landscape, NExT Connected Module, enabled by Telit Cinterion, takes center stage. It introduces a groundbreaking approach to connected module as a service packages that simplify and elevate IoT solution development. In addition, it enables customers to invest in their growth by moving from CapEx to OpEx business models. 

These packages redefine how businesses approach IoT. They offer commercial, operational and technical advantages. The unique proposition is how they integrate modules, connectivity and management tools into flexible packages. This holistic solution addresses device deployment challenges at every stage. 

Bundling modules, connectivity and management tools into one contract and bill streamlines business processes. It eliminates unnecessary complexities and establishes one focal point for support and service. 

Connectivity by Design: The Heart of Connected Module as a Service

Central to NExT Connected Module is connectivity by design. This method combines cellular modules with connectivity solutions and management tools from the inception of an IoT project. The modules and connectivity are selected and configured to ensure flawless operation, enhancing technical and business deployment aspects. 

Key features of NExT Connected Module packages include: 

  • More attractive commercial terms (OPEX vs. CAPEX) 
  • One price for the full package 
  • One partner for service and support 
  • A unified management platform for complete device and connectivity control 

The LPWA and LTE packages feature high-runner modules like ME310 and ELS62 with competitive pricing. These modules cater to applications in industries, including: 

Key Takeaways 

Join us for a webinar to discover the transformative impact of NExT Connected Module. We will showcase the strength of LPWA and LTE packages that provide the best mix of technology, coverage and management tools. 

We’ll explore how connected module as a service empowers companies to succeed in the digital age. You’ll see how these packages will enable your business to focus on growth instead of inventory maintenance. 

Attendees will learn:  

  • The benefits of connected module as a service packages, including simplified supply chain management and accelerated time to market 
  • Why connectivity by design is critical for achieving an end-to-end system approach to your IoT deployment 
  • How sourcing your modules, connectivity and management tools from one vendor reduces risks and increases operational and technical efficiency