Cost-Effective, Built-In Connectivity with Telit simWISETM

SIM Technology Reinvented for IoT Devices

SIM cards weren’t designed for IoT devices — that’s why we created the Telit simWISE cellular LPWA module. As the demand for industrial-grade IoT devices increases, you need a low-cost and efficient solution, especially in the cellular low-power wide-area (LPWA) market. This one-of-a-kind, SIM-embedded module dramatically reduces the module footprint so you can build smaller, more space-efficient devices and save on manufacturing costs. Telit simWISE’s module-embedded technology allows remote provisioning for all your devices and minimizes costly truck rolls.

Module Embedded Sim

Based on industry standards for integrated SIM (iSIM) technology, Telit simWISE provides greater flexibility and functionality than a standard SIM card at a lower cost with added convenience.

With Telit simWISE, you can:

  • Streamline operations and reduce costs from human errors and manual processes
  • Develop smaller, lower-powered devices with a small-footprint module that eliminates the SIM tray and circuitry and implements functionality directly in the module
  • Avoid costly truck rolls by using standardized remote provisioning
  • Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) with a reduced bill of materials (BOM) and overhead expenses
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Lower TCO


Reduced Footprint


Streamlined Operations

Smaller BOM


Eliminate SIM tray


Reduced inventory

Fewer manual

Boost Deployments with Telit OneEdge™ Software

Telit OneEdge is an award-winning, complete software suite with tools, device management and data orchestration platforms, agents, and drivers that provide ready-to-connect capabilities out of the box.

We built end-to-end security, provisioning, connectivity, 5G-readiness and management into each cellular IoT module. Telit OneEdge can accelerate your time to market for legacy and new mobile products.

When you incorporate Telit OneEdge into your product design, your IoT solution will be power-up-ready to connect with mobile LPWA networks.

Telit OneEdge Five Core Components

With the embedded Telit simWISE technology, OneEdge features five core components that provide an all-in-one solution to your mobile IoT challenges:

Edge logic automates most operations involved in connecting to the cellular network, speeds deployments, and allows you to define and build your edge application.

Embedded SIMs: Install Once, and You’re Done

Unlike a standard SIM card, a Telit simWISE module is embedded with technology that allows you to provision or configure carrier subscriptions at any time and bring all your devices up to date remotely and with ease. Telit simWISE supports multiple carrier profiles, so you can save time and money by remotely programming and reprogramming carrier profiles as your business and deployment needs evolve — all within a secure, integrated, cryptographic environment. No more SIM card swapping, no more service truck rolls.

Key Features of Telit Modules

Versatility to Meet Your Needs

We offer form factor families to support all cellular technologies.

Reliability and Availability

You can rely on long product life cycles, low field support needs and a lower TCO with modules built to last. If you need a replacement in the future, you can be sure the module form factor or API will be available.

Robust Certification

Telit modules are certified by more regulatory agencies and mobile operators than any other cellular module portfolio. You can quickly expand into new markets and regions, leveraging variants of modules used in your original products.

Ongoing Support

As you build your IoT solution, our team of experts offers ongoing support, including design and schematic review, advice on system architecture, and more.

Lower Manufacturing Costs for IoT Devices’ Lifetime

Engineer your devices with Telit simWISE technology, and you can lower your manufacturing costs through:

Simplified Manufacturing

With Telit connectivity built into Telit simWISE technology, you can load the module without error-prone manual work and ship the device anywhere for instant connectivity, regardless of carrier.

Simplified Field Deployment

Telit simWISE secure remote provisioning eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming on-site SIM technical configuration.

Simplified Ongoing Operation

Telit simWISE also removes the need for upgrading devices in the field with remote SIM provisioning — no truck roll required.


Gain Peace of Mind with Secure, Reliable IoT Network Functionality

Integrated cryptographic capabilities protect your IoT network from malicious cyberattacks and safeguard the entire device life cycle. 

A built-in restricted zone and a user application zone further harden solution security and reach.

The New Age of Cellular LPWA IoT

Advances in cellular LPWA IoT solutions have made them affordable and feature-rich for a plethora of industries. Supported by the expansion of cellular LPWA networks, enterprise-grade IoT can be deployed at scale for low-data, low-battery-consumption applications. As a result, demand continues rising for affordable cellular LPWA IoT network adapters for numerous application areas. You can engineer your IoT devices to include Telit simWISE’s cellular module-embedded technology for large-scale deployments.

Cellular LPWA IoT solutions with Telit simWISE modules provide the long battery life, deep in-building penetration and nonstop reliability that conditions the demand for applications, including:

Transforming Your Customers’ Businesses with Telit simWISE

Telit simWISE is driving transformational business results for many IoT end customers. Imagine what it could do for yours.


Pest control company TrapMe realized a 500% growth in sales after implementing smart rodent traps.

Porto Seguro Conecta

Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Porto Seguro Conecta is significantly reducing the costs of manufacturing and owning connected products by incorporating Telit simWISE into Brazil’s telecommunications infrastructure.

You Focus on Building Devices, We’ll Keep Them Connected

As an IoT devices designer or integrator, you can capitalize on the benefits that advanced module-embedded SIM technology offers to transform your business and help you create transformational outcomes for your customers.

Connect with us to learn how your business can benefit from the groundbreaking capabilities of Telit simWISE technology.

From factory to field to ongoing operations, Telit simWISE provides:

  • The cost advantages of small-footprint, module-embedded SIM functionality
  • Remote provisioning for devices to address your evolving needs
  • Secure connectivity throughout a device’s lifetime
  • The opportunity to grow your business through new products, services and deployment capabilities