Simplify and Future-Proof Cellular IoT Device Deployment


The NExT EMBEDDED portfolio leverages next-generation embedded SIM (eSIM) and integrated SIM (iSIM) technology in our IoT cellular modules. Our embedded SIM modules include the ME910G1, the first LTE-M module with ultraminiature cellular IoT SIM chip technology.

NExT EMBEDDED empowers you to work with NExT profiles for tier-one mobile network operators (MNOs) worldwide. You can deploy your cellular-connected IoT devices globally out-of-the-box and expand with iSIM in accord with global carrier plans. Over-the-air and eUICC management tools can help you maximize your operational efficiency.

This embedded connectivity portfolio offers eSIM and iSIM technologies that will enable your enterprise to:

  • Design IoT devices with or without a SIM socket or chip and reduce the bill of materials (BOM)
  • Reduce power consumption and costs (e.g., the total cost of ownership and costs from errors and manual processes)
  • Streamline operations and innovate faster and easier with more security
  • Leverage cellular module form factor families that support various technologies and regions

Speak with an IoT SIM expert for an evaluation to future-proof your IoT deployment with secure, scalable connectivity.