Developing a Compact Tracking Device for Harsh Environments

Telit has been the supplier of choice for Telic’s tracking units for several years. The high level of reliability of Telit’s modules, even when employed in adverse environmental conditions, e.g. at very low temperatures, has been demonstrated once again in real-life deployments of the new Picotrack IP69K

– Frank Heineck, General Manager


Telic GmbH is a German manufacturer of telematics devices. The company has been marketing robust products for asset tracking applications for over a decade. Telematic service providers have been using their Picotrack device for a wide range of applications to improve the security and visibility of the transfer of valuable goods.


However, later applications had requirements that went beyond the design of the original Picotrack device. Forest administrations in Central Europe were struggling with an increase in theft of logs stored in their forests, which can incur annual financial losses of several hundred thousand Euros. These administrators would benefit from a GPS tracking device that could be concealed inside a log that would send tracking messages as soon as movement (potential theft) occurred.


Telic wanted to adapt their popular Picotrack device so that it would remain operational in a potentially humid environment with widely varying temperature ranges, such as that found inside tree trunks.

Why Telit?

To address the issue Telic launched the Picotrack IP69K, a robust version of the Picotrack device. This enhanced device uses Telit’s GE865-QUAD module because of its proven reliability in the field and its ability to operate in a wide temperature range, which was essential for this new application.



Telic’s Picotrack IP69K is a small device designed to track the movement of a wide variety of valuable assets even under challenging environmental conditions. The high capacity rechargeable battery allows shipments to be tracked over a period of several months. The device facilitates key applications such as improving the security and visibility of the movement of valuable assets and shipments.


The Picotrack IP69K passed the ultimate field test for advanced asset tracking applications when a forest administration in Germany deployed this product and was able to track down log-theft culprits. The combination of an advanced housing concept with Telit robust modules is helping improve asset security, which is a key driver behind increasing adoption of asset tracking devices in Europe.

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