Improving Customer Experience with Coffee in the Cloud

We used the Telit GE865x GSM/CPRS module in the product design and tested it with the [Telit IoT] platform. The combination has proved to be very flexible, and we have realized a good cost to performance factor as well as excellent reliability.

– Nicola Bergamin, CEO and Managing Director



Good coffee has become a relatively expensive, up-market drink that is dispensed by sophisticated machines in hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Operational parameters comprise sales revenues, marketing statistics, and servicing. And for a chain of retail coffee outlets, these machines need to be networked to a central facility. That is why professional coffee machines have become one of the “things” in IoT solutions for the vending sector.


The Y2 HoReCa was designed by Illycaffè in collaboration with Bluewind. Illycaffè, also known as Illy, is an Italian coffee roaster that operates worldwide. With the Y2, they wanted to build an innovative coffee machine that would improve the user experience. They partnered with Bluewind to develop a machine that connects to the Internet cloud through GPRS or Wi-Fi and is powered by rugged CPU running Linux Embedded.

Why Telit?

When operating in cellular mode, the machine communicates with the Coffee Maker Server via the Telit GE865x module. Bluewind’s solution also employs the services of the Telit IoT platform as it has the ability to deploy a large number of SIM cards on connected devices and maintain tight control of traffic billing.



The elegant and innovative Y2 HoReCa machine features a graphical display interface that is similar to the interface on smartphones. Using a mix of GSM and Wi-Fi, the coffee vending machine can transmit service data, monitor consumer choices, and perform the optimal level of maintenance services.


Illy continues to provide products that represent the highest standard of coffee quality in the vending arena. Illy’s Y2 HoReCa professional coffee machine provides a better user experience for bartenders and baristas by providing more assistance and accurate servicing.

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