OneEdge Subscription Plans

Telit OneEdge™ Subscription Plans

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Telit Connectivity

Telit’s OneEdge subscription plans are industry-first IoT-as-a-service solutions that simplify and reduce the time to add IoT to your devices and services. These plans let you begin transforming your IoT investments into operating expenses and provide the cellular module, software, services and network connectivity you need to quickly and efficiently launch IoT applications, propelling you toward IoT success.

The Telit Primo Plan is a recurring plan that provides mobile data connectivity and comprehensive data orchestration, device and connectivity management, and security features for any Telit OneEdge module. The Telit Lungo Plan is a subscription-plus-module plan that bundles the ME910C1 LTE Cat M1/NB1 module with all the Primo plan’s subscription features. Lungo’s all-inclusive pricing empowers enterprises with ease of planning and management for IoT budgets. It’s well-suited for new and proof-of-concept projects, delivering material savings over discrete purchasing, particularly on the project’s front end, reducing cost and risk.

Telit OneEdge Subscription Plans

All Telit’s IoT-as-a-service plans include our award-winning software suite, Telit OneEdge. If you’re facing IoT integration, scalability, management and cost challenges with connecting your modules to back-office systems, OneEdge can solve them.

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Telit can customize a saver plan for your business needs if you need something different from what Primo and Lungo offer.*

Telit OneEdge is the only IoT software solution that offers:

  • Over a dozen module variants
  • Zero-touch onboarding
  • Device management
  • Security built-in at point of manufacture
  • Global cellular IoT coverage
  • Retroactive data pooling
  • Simplified enterprise integration
  • Cellular subscription management

Telit’s subscription plans offer the Telit OneEdge IoT management portal that leverages the Lightweight machine-to-machine (LwM2M) protocol. LwM2M reduces power and data consumption in response to the growing demands of IoT — especially massive IoT in 5G — to help you manage your devices and data. In comparison to MQTT, LwM2M provides speed, power and data efficiency, and security at scale.

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*Rules and restrictions apply. Full plan rules available upon request. Telit Lungo Plan in preorder for delivery in standard terms.