Telit deviceWISE EDGE Trial

Telit deviceWISE® EDGE IIoT Software Trial

Connect Plant Floor Devices, Enterprise Systems and Clouds without Custom Code

Get Your Manufacturing Plant Industrial IoT-Ready

You’ll see how easy it is to set up all your plant floor devices and instantly pipe data back and forth into your enterprise applications with a 10-day trial of deviceWISE EDGE. It’s the easiest and most seamless way to control how your data flows between the shop floor and top floor.

With Telit deviceWISE EDGE, you can:

Eliminate the need for custom code

Reduce your maintenance costs, time to market and system integration cycles. Telit deviceWISE EDGE gets all your devices and apps to talk to one another with hundreds of native drivers. You can quickly start configuring using drag-and-drop logic.

Build IIoT around legacy architecture

Telit deviceWISE EDGE provides the flexibility to build IIoT around any existing architecture or even build new systems as needed. Whether your system is greenfield or brownfield, seamlessly and natively connect all your facilities, assets, suppliers, customers and more.

Scale from pilot project to complete enterprise solution with ease

Scale your IIoT solutions any time with Telit deviceWISE EDGE. Our platform helps you use data more efficiently, reduce bandwidth use and costs, streamline global and remote system maintenance by using one interface, and remove conversion risks to future-proof your installation.

Watch the videos below to learn more about Telit deviceWISE EDGE:

Introduction to Telit deviceWISE
Quick Intro Video

Introduction to Telit deviceWISE VIEW
Technical Demonstration

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