How to Publish Directly to Azure Event Hub

September 25, 2017

How to Publish Directly to Azure Event Hub

One of the biggest challenges that organizations face when it comes to their IoT strategy is finding ways to save time and money while effectively managing their deployments. An important feature that Telit recently added does just that by enabling platform users to publish directly to the Azure Event Hub. Below, we’ll dive a little deeper into this new IoT platform feature and discuss what it means for your business.

About the Azure Event Hub Connector

One of the most important capabilities incorporated into the platform is the ability to publish from our platform to other third-party IoT platforms. In the past, this has included Google. Recently, our team has added publication directly to the Azure Event Hub Connector, helping our customers increase efficiency.

This feature allows you to send data natively into Microsoft Azure, bypassing the IoT input point and publishing directly into the Azure Event Hub. Instead of having to write special interfaces, Telit has created a trigger action (Azure.event_hub.send), enabling the user to publish data directly into Azure for use in whatever enterprise data processing capability that they want.

Benefits of the Azure Event Hub Connector

The Telit platform complements Azure by providing best-in-class IoT device and data management while enabling the user to provide data to Azure Event Hubs. You can use the Telit IoT Portal to manage your devices and then feed your device data to Microsoft Azure through Event Hubs. This allows you to leverage a best-in-class IoT platform and a best-in-class infrastructure-as-a-service platform to enable your application.

To see how to get your IoT data working seamlessly with Microsoft Azure, ask for a personal consultation with our IoT experts.