As you introduce cellular m2m functionality into your devices you will need a range of services from two distinct domains to connect them end-to-end, over the air and over the internet all the way to the back-end servers and enterprise systems they integrate. The mobile network domain encompasses such elements as mobile network connectivity, module management, account optimization, cost control. From the perspective of the connected asset, the last mile of the connection happens over the Internet (IP) domain, which your devices use to reach the Cloud and application enablement platforms, allowing them to interact with the business systems they belong to.

Over the mobile network domain, cellular connectivity requires a great deal of management for a successful m2m deployment. We created m2mAIR Mobile as a group of services to deliver class-leading enablement of the cellular m2m services with easy to use tools which allow you to manage module, SIM, and subscription in EMEA and other GSM-only markets and CDMA, GSM-SIM, and Satellite subscriptions in North America. These mobile network domain resources and connectivity are tailored specifically for the needs and requirements of m2m and our services add unique business value through enhanced network performance, cost control, security, and troubleshooting which are yet unmatched in the industry for the m2m integrator.

The exclusive connection into the Telit module that m2mAIR enjoys allows delivery of strikingly valuable services such as Module Management - market's first industrial scale Mobile Device Management (MDM) service based on the communication module. Intelligence and Aware are innovative services that allows customers to identify problems even before they start to affect them. In North America m2mAIR services provide access to multiple regional and global network options for GSM, CDMA and Satellite, delivering consistent connectivity and billing across all.

Over the Internet domain, m2mAIR Cloud’s Platform as a Service data-centric architecture simplifies data collection, providing a rich set of features including transparent data-acquisition, distributed real-time analytics, limitless scalability, back-end connectivity and rapid prototyping of vertical applications.


m2mAIR Mobile’s all-inclusive service suite includes delivery-model combinations to suit every need like: SIM-only, SIM+module, and module-only services. Core, the basic mobile connectivity offering consists of SIM cards with standard and tailored global communication and rate plans and access to our ePortal for convenience in managing your account down to individual SIMs. Access to the ePortal is part of Core and is available at no additional cost.

Beyond these standard services m2mAIR Cloud service area further empowers your m2m deployment with innovative cloud-based value added services (VAS) including competitiveness-boosting offerings developed in full integration with the Telit module which are network provider agnostic. These services deliver value given their in-depth reach into the module, providing you benefits to differentiate your offerings, capitalize on new revenue opportunities and fundamentally change the way you troubleshoot, control, monitor and manage m2m assets within the mobile network domain.

m2mAIR Mobile services are dedicated to mobile network connectivity and business and operations support of m2m applications deployment in the mobile network environment. This all-inclusive service suite includes a broad product and service matrix to suit every customer need such as: Pure connectivity (SIM-only), Bundled Connectivity (SIM + module), and module-only services (Just the Value Added Services component). Core, the basic mobile connectivity offering consists of: SIM cards with standard and tailored global communication plans and associated rate plans, access to our Connected Device Platform (CDP) web portal - ePortal for convenience in managing your account down to the individual SIM level. Access to the ePortal is part of the Core offering and is available at no additional cost.

Beyond these standard services m2mAIR further empowers your m2m deployment with innovative cloud-based Value Added Services (VAS) including competitiveness-boosting offerings developed in full integration with the Telit module which are network provider agnostic. These services deliver value given their in-depth reach into the module, providing you benefits to differentiate your offerings, capitalize on new revenue opportunities and fundamentally change the way you troubleshoot, control, monitor and manage connected m2m assets within the mobile network domain.

Our mobile network value-added services portfolio includes 

  • Core is the basic mobile connectivity offering consisting of SIM Cards with standard and tailored communication and rate plans plus access to our ePortal and accompanying web service API for conveniently managing your accounts - down to individual SIMs. Core services represent the absolute basic functionality set for activating and operating devices in mobile networks. Additional services and functionalities are available providing full flexibility in designing the service profile your deployment requires. Below you can see additional mobile network domain services that can be ordered (additional fees apply) to complement Core.
  • ePortal is included with Core and is designed to allow easy management of the full SIM card and subscription life-cycle with flexible tools for optimized total-cost-of-ownership. Core services also expose a SOAP API counterpart to ePortal for customers to use for programmability and automation purposes.
  • Module Management is the m2m industry’s first industrial scale Mobile Device Management (MDM) service based on the communication module. Allows remote access to a set of diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities, unavailable today to customers or even to most mobile operators. Its resources include easy-to-use services to manage module inventory, to perform mobile network diagnostics, proactively manage QoE (quality of experience), test IP and hardware and perform module reset.
  • Here is a powerful, cost-effective GPS-independent global location-based service. Based on GSM localization and wireless networking protocols, HERE allows m2mAIR customers to obtain their devices' approximate location and provide primary or secondary location-based information to their existing service offerings. Location is obtained on the WGS84 World Geodetic System grid – whether your units are in-doors or out-doors, in idle or active mode, connected to a home network or roaming.
  • Intelligence is a web-based service designed to provide m2mAIR customers a quick and easy way to analyze the business performance of their m2m deployments. It can organize and plot vast amounts of data on status and usage, providing helpful graphical “Dashboard” representations of active, activated, and inactive SIMs. Activity can be viewed and analyzed by customer, by country, by MNO, as well as other sorting schemes and data dimensions. You can also view the distribution of your deployment’s data usage over bearer technology e.g.: SMS, packet data, etc. F9
  • Aware is an advanced and customizable monitoring and risk management service that provides a constant view of the behavior of an entire m2m deployment according to KPIs & rules that can be easily configured to your specific needs. This high-value service delivers functionality not always available even at the carrier level. It provides a platform accessible at the user-level that allows customers of any size to benefit from this top-tier operational deployment awareness risk management service. The service allows customers to set advanced and customizable deployment level rule-based alerts.
  • Boost is a critical service necessary to ensure adequate coverage and quick registration times for sensitive unattended m2m device deployments. Most single-network providers apply roaming steering to preferred networks. This intervenes in the mobile device’s network selection that should be based on network quality and impairs the module's ability to achieve registration onto higher signal strength networks. This hinders data flow performance and quality. Boost eliminates this limitation and allows reception quality based operator selection, thus improving registration times and enhancing coverage.

  • Automation is a business rule SIM management solution that allows greater cost optimization and streamlining of operations. By automatically deactivating a subscription for billing purposes when it is not generating traffic for a number of pre-configured consecutive days, Automation empowers customers to pay for connectivity only when their service is generating revenue. The subscription will be automatically activated again upon next usage.

  • Switch is a unique service technology Telit which allows on-the-fly proactive change of roaming network providers at the subscription level. Switch is accessible via web service SOAP API and the m2mAIR Service desk.

Cloud - Powered by deviceWISE

m2mAIR Cloud Internet & Cloud domain services are powered by industry’s top ranking cyber-secure deviceWISE*. The PaaS application enablement platform was specifically designed for the needs of m2m and augment the m2mAIR Mobile portfolio letting businesses seamlessly connect and integrate remote assets with existing enterprise systems and databases in their back office all-in-the-cloud. The secure and do-it-yourself deviceWISE powered platform is easy to configure and deploy, reducing risk, time-to-market, complexity and cost of commercializing complete m2m solutions for remote monitoring and control, industrial automation, asset tracking and field service operations across virtually all industries and market segments.The following are integral parts of m2mAIR Cloud:

Things-to-cloud: Open source APIs from deviceWISE connect, collect, and control virtually anything – new or old.

  • Open Source APIs: deliver developers deviceWISE OPEN APIs that are TR-50 Compliant and OPENSOURCE
  • Telit Cloud-ready modules: feature embedded APIs that use simple AT commands to seamlessly transfer data between your devices and the Cloud
  • Asset Gateways: enable secure configuration and connection of existing devices with native drivers, edge analytics, and Cloud interface

Cloud-to-Value: Tools and resources designed to minimize the time it takes to start extracting value from data in your Things.

  • Device Management: Complete remote updates and configuration management – run campaigns to single devices, groups or all
  • Network Integration: MNO CDP integration, provisioning and billing across any wireless network
  • End-to-End Security: Configurable security settings for device and user authentication and registration, role-based permissions, encryption, plus audit and reporting
  • Cloud Services: Comprehensive management portal and scalable data services
  • Application Integration: APIs for web-based and mobile apps and dashboards, from simple functions to big data analytics
  • Enterprise Integration: built-in Enterprise Gateway technology for integration with enterprise systems from IBM, SAP, ORACLE, Microsoft, any SQL, Web services, etc. deviceWISE powered agent technology that turns any gateway or router into a full edge micro analytics engine enabling rapid development of custom applications depending on the customer’s needs.

Globally, m2mAIR envelops its offerings with on-the-ground customer support and m2m expertise from 27 sales and support offices, and a global distributor network of wireless experts. And 24 x 7 first-level customer service and support is expertly and timely delivered for all customer. m2mAIR support focuses on quality of service, operating one of a few carrier-grade Network Operation Centers (NOC) completely dedicated to m2m connectivity.

* Source: 2013 ABI Research • Research Analysis: Application - m2m Application Enablement Platforms